Catering Counter Freezers

The success of any business depends upon its ability to cope with the growing demand of its clients. Catering business is also no different. In order to keep up with the expanding business it is always necessary to keep upgrading the equipment required for the business.

Commercial Catering Freezer come very handy in this business. They are designed very carefully with an incredible counter storage space. This space allows you to store your food at the right temperature before utilizing it. The counter on majority of the models is made up of stainless steel making it ideal for preparation of most types of food.  Catering counter freezers are also very suitable for small places as it saves a lot space. It holds both features of cooking and storing food.

catering freezer

They are very commonly used in restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, pubs, bakeries. Whether you have small kitchen or a large one this is a vital accessory that comes in very handy in the business.

We offer the best and extensive collection of these freezers. If you take some time to scroll through our collection of these catering equipment’s you will not be disappointed. We have designed our collection with a lot of thought. The unique demands of different types of businesses have been kept in mind while fabricating this range of products.

There are different types of catering counter freezers including one door, double door, heavy duty commercial ones and also light medium duty commercial ones. Our broad range covers all of these types. Whether your demand is of large size freezer which has a large capacity for food storage or you want to buy the product for a small business. Our carefully crafted collection will be able to satisfy your demands. You can choose a model that fits perfectly into your space.

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Our range of products is architected to fulfill all the needs of the customers.

We care a lot about our customers and we never let their investment go to waste. We make sure that they pay for the best possible product. This is the reason that our collection only comprises of the best and top brands like Blizzard, Tefcold, Igloo, Foster etc. our ranger offers the customers the best product available in the market. We, at KoolMax consider this our primary responsibility to make our customer feel satisfied and happy. We never let our customer’s investment go to waste.

We not only offer them the products of superior quality but also help them in making the best choice while buying the product. Our broad collection of products can overwhelm the customers and they may not be able to choose the best and perfect match to their demands and budget. But we do not let our customer get stressed. We provide them with simple and easy guide lines. These guide lines assist them in choosing the perfect product for their business. Also look for Catering Fridges from Koolmax.

What Makes Shutter Multidecks Useful

Refrigeration is one the most important factors of the food business. The refrigeration system is not a very light investment. It is actually the most important investment. They make a very big and necessary part of your business. Their function is vital to the food business as food cannot be kept fresh and stored for long time without any refrigeration.

Multideck Chiller is one the many refrigeration appliances that are commonly used in big stores and malls. The basic aim of using these units is the storage space. These units have a really big storage space. That is why they are used in big stores. They big stores and malls need large spaces to display their merchandise as have large variety of products to display. The multidecks have multiple shelves which allow the business owners to store a lot of products.


The first thing that need to be considered in order to install these Interlevin units in any place is to calculate the space that they will need. They are of large size and they need a lot of space to be installed that is why they are preferred by large stores and malls. There should be proper ventilation in pace where they are placed so that they function efficiently. These units consume a lot of energy because of the work that they need to do. When it comes to the energy consumption of your business establishment these units probably are the biggest contributors of the energy consumption.

These units are a very big investment so make sure that each and every aspect of these units is compatible with your business needs. The shelves should be strong and wide enough to hold the merchandise that you need to display.

Koolmax Pacific Integral Multideck Open Fronted Dairy Drink Display Chiller 180cm

The height of the unit should also be kept in mind. It should be kept according to the place that you are installing them. The height should be customer friendly as well because the customers should be able to reach the shelves and get the needed food items easily.

The units also come with glass doors. The glass doors not only provide protection to the food items. The refrigerated units which store food item which need to be stored in low temperature in order to be kept fresh, also have glass doors. The Multideck display fridges with glass door are very energy efficient as they keep the temperature steady. This also decreases the energy consumption of the appliances giving a very positive boast to the business.

The shutters are also very useful. They are good for protection as they keep the glass doors of the units safe from any kind of harm. They are good for safety during the hours when business is off. The shutters are made up of steel usually.

Curved Glass Serve Overs for Perfect Display

Do you want to install curved glass serve overs in your convenience store, super mart or retail outlet in order to create a perfect display to entice customers and impulse sales? Then, it’s a great option to go for. These serve overs offer both functional and aesthetic value, that’s why retailers prefer to install them at front outlet premises.

When it comes to making a selection regarding serve over display fridge for your retail business, then you first need to consider space where you actually want to place the counter. The size, shape and pattern of the counter are highly dependent on the space available to place it. Another important thing is to decide what your respective budget is and also develop a proper plan regarding installation of these serve over counters. For this, you can also take a professional assistance from any specialist who can help you with valuable advices regarding such appliances.

Serve over counter, serve over display fridge

Another most important aspect to consider before buying serve over counters is to have a look at the latest trends including style, design, color and product specifications. If you want to create an alluring look of your outlet, then you might go for curved glass serve overs as it will enhance the overall aesthetic value of your premises.

Some other crucial points to remember while purchasing serve over counter are; these counter must be robust and durable and especially should be lesser prone to routine wear n tear. This is how you can maintain the equipment for the longer period of time. Similarly, this also helps you to effectively reduce repairing and maintenance costs of the serve over counters. Moreover, you need to decide major functions and utilities of these Mafirol serve over counters in order to select the best type. Retailers most often prefer those counters that are being used for multiple purposes which definitely help you to save great costs.

Serve over counter, serve over display fridge

There are a lot of suppliers offering innumerable varieties of curved glass serve overs of which you need to select the most robust, efficient and consistent one that can serve your purposes in a personalized manner. Most of the serve over counters contain commonest material with Food Prep Counters such as stainless steel, marble, aluminum, lime-stone, rock-maple, granite, laminate, engineered stones and many more. Always keep in mind that these serve overs must be highly water, scratches and heat resistant and such quality will be relatively helpful for maintaining the same for longer periods of time.

Choose the Best Industrial Air Conditioning System

commercial air condition

Air conditioning is one of the most important part of running a business. All the businesses need an efficient and good quality industrial air conditioning. With the rising temperatures the cost of air conditioning has also been going up. A lot effort is being done in order to make it more affordable as it has become a vital part of our lives.

Choosing the Air Conditioning Units is a tough thing to do. There are many different things that need to be considered in order to select the air conditioning for the industry or larger level. These air conditioning units are essential for places where there is a lot mechanical work. For catering business it is essential too as nobody wants to go and eat somewhere without air conditioning and the working in kitchens is also made easier with a central air conditioner. This increases the efficiency of worker and also is very good for the customers to have a nice place to sit and enjoy in a hotter weather.

The size of the air conditioning system should be determined on the size of the place. The bigger place the higher capacity air conditioning unit will be required. The number of machines and the people working in the place should also be kept in mind. Because too many people end up heating the place so there has to be an air condition system powerful enough to cope with the heat. The systems used for industries often come with ‘air conditioning boosters’. These can be really helpful when there is more traffic of people than usual. In these conditions the system can step up and still do the job in the best possible way. The air flow is kept continuous and constant all the time.

A lot of innovations have been done in the air conditioning industry. The main focus of the development is to make this system more affordable and decrease the cost of energy consumption. There are many industrial places conventional electric air conditioning system have been replaced by natural gas centralized systems. This is very helpful in decreasing the cost of energy as it decreases the consumption. Saving money on energy consumption can be very helpful and positive for the business. The idea of green energy is also very good for the environment and that is why a lot work is being done on this green energy technology. This is much healthier way of using the Air Condition.

These systems should also be maintained properly in order for them to work efficiently and lower the cost of energy consumption. There are certain steps for cleaning the system continuously to make sure that there is no dust or anything hindering the constant flow of the cool air.

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Commercial Catering Freezers – A Must Have!

Do you have a catering business? Then, you might perfectly understand the importance of having right refrigeration equipment’s such as catering freezers for your outlet and it also believes to be an important factor in determining the level of success that you achieve.

Starting from the basic equipment to the complex one, they all matter and it’s vital to invest on the quality equipment for your striving business. As we all know, a display is everything, when it comes to sales. It is what appeals customers to your products and eventually it demands creativity rather than simply putting your items on shelves. Moreover, it is also crucial to put into consideration the nature of preservation that your product requires. Why not you just go for catering freezers in order to get a perfect display without compromising on the storage standards and preservation?


These Commercial  Catering  Freezers come with dual-nature functioning that make it convenient and value for money. Whether you opt for chest catering freezer or an upright catering freezer, what matters most is how the job gets done. Your ultimate goal should be to get the quality equipment that offers great storage capacity, low-electricity consumption and one that looks attractive too. There are so many brands available in the market that really have stood-out when it comes to quality catering display freezers such as ARNEG, HUSKY, Scancool and INTERLEVIN.

When you count your catering business assets, don’t forget to count carefully designed and reliable freezers. Catering freezers goes beyond storage and preservation – an aesthetic value with a great display. These freezers offer variety in terms of colors and design, but it can be sound to get a single large capacity freezer with multi-purpose capabilities. You can choose from curved glass or straight glass catering freezers, from open top or multideck freezers. All these storage units are great in terms of storage capacity, energy consumption and robust enough to tolerate the routine tear n wear.


There are various models of catering freezer available in the market these days. You just need to choose the best as per your outlet’s requirement as it is necessary to keep food stuffs at exactly the right temperature. Apart from commercial catering freezers Catering Equipment’s come in stainless steel exterior finish and hammered aluminum interior with varying adjustable shelves (depends on the freezer’s size), lockable with auto return doors, LED digital temperature display, rear castors for light to medium duty commercial kitchen and catering environments.

Use Commercial Display Chest Freezers to Display Your Products

Catering company is a very challenging company. You must sustain top quality in this company as there is a lot of competitors. To be able to keep up with the ever increasing market it is very important keep speed with the other competitors. To be able to be the best in the company one of the important things is to have the best devices at your convenience.

Commercial display chest freezers from Koolmax are one of the most important devices to have to be able to run an effective cafe, resort or an ice lotion shop. These freezers are important for company. They are not only a resource of showing your best products for the clients but also very useful in saving and cold the foods. These freezers are particularly common in ice lotion studios. They are the best way of showing your ice lotion products and entice the clients. They are an outstanding way of providing an outstanding increase to your company.

Commercial Chest freezers

While purchasing a chest freezer it is very important keep the specifications of the company in your mind. These freezers are available in all types of styles and dimensions. You should make sure that you select the freezer that suits completely in your store. It is important that the freezers are able to keep up with the potential of the cafe. If the dimension is small, then it will not be able to provide the foods of a store and if it is larger than the potential of your company then will be a lot of vacant areas which is not eye-catching at all. So it is very important select the right dimension according to the specifications of your company.

These Vestfrost chest freezers have outstanding cold and chilling potential which is why they are perfect for ice lotion studios. They are also very good at showing your range of ice lotions. These freezers allow the clients to perspective all the choices that a store has to offer them and it makes it much easier for them to select the ice lotion of their choice.

Commercial Chest freezers2

The commercial display chest freezer come with cup gates which also helps you to save energy as the entrance is not kept start for extended times and it does not impact the chilling capability of the freezer. It keeps the foods in the best possible condition.

These types of commercial refrigeration do not just come in useful in an ice lotion shop. They are also an important part of dining places and other meals joint parts. They are very useful in maintaining the freezing meals in the best situation. It preserves the high company’s meals for several days. These freezers come in different types like freezers with one or more than one entrance. They are also useful in maintaining the beverages also.

Retail Shop Fitting Services – All What You Need for an Ideal Business!

When it comes to beautify and style the internal of vacant areas of your store, all you need is a good retail shopfitter in UK Certainly, this is one of the most key elements that have an immediate and immediate impact on the result.

Do you really think that you’re retail shopfitting and shop shelving services is just there for convenience? No, they’re definitely not. In fact, it’s the way of advertising yourself by giving your prospective clients who move in per chance to feel the feel that you’re trying to discuss with them. In today’s company community, we live and take in for our clients and want to do anything to keep them happy and pleased, especially if you own a retail store. Once you handle to make an impression on them, the possibility to keep them as customer improves. And if you are excellent at it, they might relate their loved ones.

Retail Shop Fitting Services 10

The first and the major job of the Retail Shop fitter’s professional is to get learn, evaluate and evaluate the area and then get ready an offer. In comparison, ready-to-roll-out shelves systems can’t help out unless you calculated the area perfectly or seek the services of an interior designer/ Shopfitter to create a plan for you. Remember that your developer works on the plan of increasing storage area.

Modular Retail Shop Fitting Services

Modular Retail Shopfitting Services are quite well-known nowadays in terms of versatility and even more important they fold with time. That’s why most of the suppliers, journal and book shops and school divisions prefer to use them in order to handle the available area. There are some preparations that actually help handle length, size and size of the area, casting the shelves in and around the area, offering maximum utilization.

Retrofit Commercial Doors2

Gondolas Modular Retail Shop Fitting Services

Gondolas modular shop shelving are also very well-known their times as they offer an easy set up. They can be taken apart and then put together again easily. There are gondolas that can be modified into anything within minutes. For example, you should be able to convert the gondola into a rotating free-standing show holder or take it apart and turn it into a wall show display. The versatility of these gondolas relies on the create and style of a store fitting solution.

Moreover, there are Retail Shopfitters made out of steel or wood completes. While they look much more beautiful but they are more complicated to care for. Such shop fitting is often used by suppliers selling furniture, set, electronic devices or jewelers – they need the impact, you see.