Retail Shelving & Shopfitting Planning from Start to Finish

Unsurprisingly, the most important part when it comes to the retail business is shopfitting including shop lighting and shelving selection. Whether you are going to set up a new business, moving premises or having a refit, choosing proper shelving units with appropriate lighting can make the difference between an efficient, well laid-out store and awkwardly wasted space. In order to plan your Shop Shelving in United Kingdom and other store’s décor, you just need to hire a professional shopfitting expert that will ensure that you are not wasting your time and money but ultimately getting the best result for your business.

It’s quite important to involve a shopfitting specialist right from the beginning that will be able to help you to plan your store’s layout, shelving and lighting and also provide guidance on the stock they offer. Here are some steps to organize your shop layout;

shop shelving

  • Just start with your budget, and be clear about what aspect of your outlet is of highest-priority such as product displays, window displays, retail lighting, storage or service counter.
  • Another crucial thing is to choose between used shop shelving to complement your existing units, or new shopfitting to serve an entirely new space.
  • Now you need to work out the best positioning and design for your shop shelving units that complement your space, while ensuring that you have a clear view of the store from the front door or service desk, which leads to an increased flow to your store traffic.
  • Now the next important thing is to decide which type of shelving is good for your particular product category. For instance, whether you need high or low gondola shelving, island-shelving, corner bays, wall shelving, peg board shelving to hang products at varying heights or you need refrigerated units to store cold and fresh goods, magazine racks or dump bins etc.
  • Another crucial factor you need to consider while decorating is shop lighting, which adds color and style to your entire outlets’ look.
  • Spot out any awkward areas of your store like columns or dead-ends that needs additional planning in order to use the best of the space.
  • Don’t forget to add shelving accessories such as shelf-dividers, Epos ticket strips that help you organize your products in a perfect manner and also ensure easy restocking.
  • Another critical aspect which is widely overlooked by the retail owners is the shelving of your warehouse or storage area. There are several shopfitting companies that offer cheap options like pallet shelving in order to organize your stock behind the scenes too.

Always try to choose experienced and professional retail shopfitters in UK so that they can best use their knowledge to create a commendable store’s layout.

Back Bar Coolers – Features and Tips on Preparation of Cabinets for the Unit

Back bar coolers are an essential need of any bar as it is the best way of storing the beer. Glass door beer fridges in UK requires a perfect temperature setting as the taste of beer can be preserved and maintained through right settings. The back bar coolers are mostly placed in the cabinet. In this article some general information about the back bar coolers will be discussed along with how to prepare a cabinet for a standard back bar cooler.


General Information about Standard Back Bar Cooler:

Here is some general information about a standard back bar cooler that may come in handy while looking for a suitable unit.

  1. Refrigeration and temperature Control:

Back bar cooler with sliding doors is mostly equipped with a heavy-duty refrigeration system. This heavy-duty refrigeration system is designed to maintain a storage temperature automatically. The storage temperature is maintained at 36-41 F and the control factory is set at a temperature of 38 F.


  1. Adjusting the temperature:

A temperature control is present on right-hand side of evaporator. The desired temperature can be achieved by making small adjustments to the panel.

  • In order to achieve colder temperatures the screw needs to be adjusted clockwise which means to the right.
  • Warmer temperatures can be achieved by adjusting the screw counterclockwise which means turning it to the left.


  1. Fans:

The condenser fan turns on and off along with the condensing unit and the evaporator motors run without stopping. The motors of the fans are lubricated for a lifetime and they do not require any further oiling.

  1. Defrosting:

If the temperature of the Tefcold chiller is kept lower than 34 F then there will not be any proper defrosting of the evaporator coil. Defrosting is an essential process for efficient running of the unit and in order to achieve it the control knob can be turned off until the coil is defrosted.

  1. Cleaning and maintenance of back bar cooler:

There are certain steps that need to be followed while cleaning the unit.

  • All power should be disconnected before cleaning it.
  • The inside and outside of the unit should be cleaned with mild detergent mixed with water.
  • Fan, evaporator coil an light channels are the parts that should be cleaned properly.
  • Dry it thoroughly and there should be no water on it when the unit is connected to electricity supply again.
  1. Cleaning of condenser:

The condenser of the unit should be cleaned with the help of a stiff brush. The efficiency of the unit depends a lot on keeping its condenser free of dust. The fins of the condenser should not be bent.

Preparation of cabinet for a standard back bar cooler:

Before installation of the unit it is important that the cabinet in which it is to be placed, is fully equipped and prepared from each and every aspect. Here are some things that need to be in place:

List of parts:

  • Shelves require per door.
  • Mini-fluorescent lights.
  • Shelf chips.


The self-contained models do not require any plumbing as it condensates and evaporates automatically.


A separate fused power source should be supplied for it an always operate the unit on the power source that is listed on electrical specification plate.


All of the crating material should be removed and the cabinet should be inspected for any damages.

Placement of cabinet:

The cabinet should be put into place by using rollers if necessary. The air flow in and out should not be obstructed.

Here is a wire diagram of a standard back bar cooler:


Why Should You Choose Upright Display Freezers?

Opening a business requires a lot of work. The hardest part to choose all the right equipment because the efficiency of your business depends a lot on your tools so you cannot take the importance of the tools for granted. Food business is no different. The refrigeration equipment for the food business is the most important thing. There is a vast variety of these appliances so you have to be smart.

Displaying units have become a necessary part of the food business. You will not be able to find any catering business that does not make use of the displaying units. One such unit is the Commercial Upright Freezer. Upright display freezers are the vital part of food business as they not only store food but also increase the shelf life of the food items.

Installing these freezers as compared to other types of commercial freezers has its benefits. It is perfect for small and local business. If you do not have to store very large bulks of food, then these are the perfect freezers for you. They can store the dairy products as well as small amounts of food so you do not need to waste your investment on larger freezers. The running cost of the freezers is high and if you are running small business then it will not be affordable for you so it better to make the smarter choice and go for these Framec freezers. Their running cost as well as the initial cost is much lower and they will do the job.

upright freezer, upright display freezer

There are different models of these freezers available in the market like the frost free and the manual defrosts models. Both have different uses and are useful for different purposes. You can buy the one that suits the nature of your business. The capacity or the range of these freezers is from 2 cubic feet to 20 cubic feet.

Another big positive of these freezers is that they do not take up a lot of space. They are tall but narrow so they can be fitted into small places. They take less floor space than other freezer like the chest freezers and other commercial freezers. This can be really good for those business owners who do not happen to have the liberty of having very large spaces. Choosing these commercial freezers can make your place still look spacious and nice. It will not make the interior look congested. It can be placed right beside the front door so that the food items can be displayed and all the customers will be able to see them while they enter your place.

These freezers can be used to store different kinds of food items like milk, cheese, butter. It can also be used to store fish meat etc.

Eye-Catching Display Counters – The Ultimate Utility Items

When it comes to display counters, these are the new types of cabinets which have seen increasing demand in the market these days. There are numerous types of display counters coming up from Mafirol in the market each day. As people want to have good product to make their houses beautiful, that’s why the demand of these display counters is increasing day by day.

display counter

It’s a common practice among households that women usually buy appliances for houses and men are there just to spend. Usually men do not have a good choice about the type of product that looks good in the home kitchen, whereas the women, on the other hand have good product knowledge about the type of product which looks perfect in the kitchen and which will not. Therefore, it has been seen that there are women who prefer to buy display counters over the other types of cabinets available in the market.

Certainly, the refrigerated display Counters in UK are available with varying choices in sizes, dimensions, and specifications to choose from. When it comes to the types of display counters, it includes; rectangular counters, square counters and even you will find numerous designs in rectangular and square counters. So, while choosing the type of counter out of the entire lot of display counters, one need to search out available options before finalizing the purchase. Here, the most important thing is that you have to measure the area where you need to put the display counter. Actually, this measurement will help in deciding the type of counter or the counter which perfectly fit in that premises.display counter2After measuring the area where you want to place the display counter, now you need to look at the walls. Always remember, the color of the wall will also add to the beauty of the display counter chosen. There are a lot of counters with a glass display case that look perfect with any wall color. It would be great if the will of light color as the dark color will not look good with the glass display case. However, a display counter is actually a more complicated piece of equipment that most of us think. Indeed, it is far more than other display cabinets like salad display counters available in the market. So, always try to search out what are the latest trends these days including style, design, color and product specifications. If you want to make your kitchen to look more attractive, then you might go for display counters as it will enhance the overall aesthetic value of your premises.

Benefits of Ambient Cake Display

Cakes are an important and vital part of a bakery, restaurant or a café. People love eating cakes. If you are running a bakery business then you will definitely need cake display unit. Having a nice display unit will always have a very positive effect on business. Showing off all the nice things that you have to offer to the customers need to be put in plain sight.

Counter top cake display fridge is one of the best way to display you cake collection. For the cakes you will have to do some research on the display units. Find the one that is perfect for your business. First of all you need to have very clear idea about the size of the unit. The size depends on the place that you have.

cake display, cake display fridge

For cakes you will definitely need a refrigerated bakery display. Cakes are made from dairy products so they need to be kept in the colder temperature. The cakes remain fresh and tasty when kept at the right temperature.

There are several different types of the display units for cakes. You can choose the one that suits the demands and requirements of your food business

The Frilixa display units are also used for displaying cakes. They are equipped with racks or shelves. The height of the unit varies and the taller it is the more shelves it has. The storage space depends on the number of the shelves that it has. They are perfect for your bakery if you are a little short of space. They occupy a lot less space. They look very suitable in small spaces. They do not make the place look messy or small. They fit right in.

cake display, cake display fridge

The other type of display units for cakes are the refrigerated serve over display counters. The counter style units are perfect to display the cakes. They occupy much more space than the upright units. They are mostly used in larger spaces. They have much more storage space than the upright units. The number of shelves in these units can be chosen according to range of the variety that is present in your bakery. You can easily display all of the food items with the help of these units. These units have glass tops. These glass tops provide a very clear and vivid view of all the amazing variety that is present in your food establishment.

These units, both upright and counter style, are equipped with LED lights. These lights are very beneficial in making the cakes look more appealing and vibrant to the customers. These lights can really be very good for your business. Try to buy the units which are energy efficient because it will not only be efficient in its functionality and will also be economical.

Back Bar Bottle Coolers: Necessity of Every Bar

Refrigeration systems are like jewelry for the place. They are a necessity when it comes to catering business. No catering business can be run without a good refrigeration system. They not only make the place look beautiful but are also extremely useful for the place.

Back Bar bottle coolers are very useful for the catering place. They can be found in almost all of the restaurants and cafes. They are widely used in coffee shops, bakeries and also shops. They are very useful in bars and shops. They are used for keeping the drinks chilled and cool for the customers. These coolers can be found in many sizes. They can easily be fitted into small places so therefore they are very useful when it comes to saving space.


These coolers ate mostly used in bars and the bars are usually not very spacious and it is essential to be cautious about using the space. The space needs to be used very carefully and smartly so that the place does not appear to be crammed and tight. The estimate of how much space you can give up for this cooler is very important because you definitely do not want to end up with the product that is too big for the space allotted to it. Make sure you have the right and exact estimate of the place and invest in the product that is perfect according to the place.

It is also important to keep in mind the number of bottles and drinks that you need to put in the cooler at a time. It is important to know how much stock you need to store in a place at a single time. This mainly depends upon how busy is your business. Make sure that you chose the Infrico bottle cooler that is perfect for your business because running out of chilled drinks is not something you want to happen.


Nowadays a lot of attention is given to making the products energy efficient so while buying then Bottle Coolers look for the product that is energy efficient. Look for the product that is rated as energy efficient. By buying something that is energy efficient like mini bar fridges you can really control the energy costs and make you save some money.

You should find something that is suitable to the interior of the shop. It should not look out of space and should fit in perfectly with the décor of the shop. There are a lot of different types of coolers available in the market.