Back Bar Coolers – Features and Tips on Preparation of Cabinets for the Unit

Back bar coolers are an essential need of any bar as it is the best way of storing the beer. Glass door beer fridges in UK requires a perfect temperature setting as the taste of beer can be preserved and maintained through right settings. The back bar coolers are mostly placed in the cabinet. In this article some general information about the back bar coolers will be discussed along with how to prepare a cabinet for a standard back bar cooler.


General Information about Standard Back Bar Cooler:

Here is some general information about a standard back bar cooler that may come in handy while looking for a suitable unit.

  1. Refrigeration and temperature Control:

Back bar cooler with sliding doors is mostly equipped with a heavy-duty refrigeration system. This heavy-duty refrigeration system is designed to maintain a storage temperature automatically. The storage temperature is maintained at 36-41 F and the control factory is set at a temperature of 38 F.


  1. Adjusting the temperature:

A temperature control is present on right-hand side of evaporator. The desired temperature can be achieved by making small adjustments to the panel.

  • In order to achieve colder temperatures the screw needs to be adjusted clockwise which means to the right.
  • Warmer temperatures can be achieved by adjusting the screw counterclockwise which means turning it to the left.


  1. Fans:

The condenser fan turns on and off along with the condensing unit and the evaporator motors run without stopping. The motors of the fans are lubricated for a lifetime and they do not require any further oiling.

  1. Defrosting:

If the temperature of the Tefcold chiller is kept lower than 34 F then there will not be any proper defrosting of the evaporator coil. Defrosting is an essential process for efficient running of the unit and in order to achieve it the control knob can be turned off until the coil is defrosted.

  1. Cleaning and maintenance of back bar cooler:

There are certain steps that need to be followed while cleaning the unit.

  • All power should be disconnected before cleaning it.
  • The inside and outside of the unit should be cleaned with mild detergent mixed with water.
  • Fan, evaporator coil an light channels are the parts that should be cleaned properly.
  • Dry it thoroughly and there should be no water on it when the unit is connected to electricity supply again.
  1. Cleaning of condenser:

The condenser of the unit should be cleaned with the help of a stiff brush. The efficiency of the unit depends a lot on keeping its condenser free of dust. The fins of the condenser should not be bent.

Preparation of cabinet for a standard back bar cooler:

Before installation of the unit it is important that the cabinet in which it is to be placed, is fully equipped and prepared from each and every aspect. Here are some things that need to be in place:

List of parts:

  • Shelves require per door.
  • Mini-fluorescent lights.
  • Shelf chips.


The self-contained models do not require any plumbing as it condensates and evaporates automatically.


A separate fused power source should be supplied for it an always operate the unit on the power source that is listed on electrical specification plate.


All of the crating material should be removed and the cabinet should be inspected for any damages.

Placement of cabinet:

The cabinet should be put into place by using rollers if necessary. The air flow in and out should not be obstructed.

Here is a wire diagram of a standard back bar cooler:


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