Choosing a Good Chest Freezer

Do you own a convenience store, cafe, bar or restaurant, then you probably understand the importance of a chest freezer? For restaurant owners, no matter how appetizing their delicacies, the right cooking and storage equipment’s are necessary. A chest freezer is particularly designed for stocking frozen food products in huge quantities. If you are looking to commercial chest freezer to store frozen food for days, a chest freezer is all you need.

The regular cooking appliance is typically too small for a restaurant’s needs, and most likely won’t supply demand. Faulty commercial appliances can cause the same problem – a product that doesn’t work right can ruin inventory, limiting your daily output and preventing sales. When it comes to a Tefcold chest freezer, it’s an important part of the setup of any café or restaurant and help companies to store their products for a long period of time without having a taste change. In addition to being great to look at, a chest freezer should be fit for purpose and practical. You can’t even imagine how much turnover you will generate by installing such commercial refrigeration appliances. Likewise, large supermarkets and even wholesalers keep many thousands of pound’s worth of food cooled by having chest freezers installed in their premises. You just can’t underrate how important commercial refrigeration equipment’s are to some people, especially retailers and super mart owners.

chest freezer


No doubt, a chest freezer is hard to beat when it comes to consumption of space as it can store ample amount of food and other products. There are two types of commercial freezers with options to be found in each and every variety – chest freezers and upright display freezers. Both versions have their very own merits and demerits and thus require a thorough judgment while choosing the best version of freezer for the unit.

Moreover, it is essential for the commercial kitchens to meet certain health and safety regulations, such as storing food at the exact temperature, in order to keep raw food and prepared foods separately while making sure that there must be no cross contamination. The marketplace is actually filled with a wide selection of chest freezers. The reason for this kind of differentiation could be attributed to the energy effectiveness rating of such chest freezers together with thriving practical attributes which makes life less difficult for the buyers.

When it comes to buying a glass lid chest freezer, you just need to keep in mind specific space restrictions. Although people go in for a small chest freezer, you would however use a substantial amount of living area. Not only horizontal space, one would also require vertical place for the lid to open properly. Seeing that ideally these freezers are supposed to be kept in a dry area, you ought to contemplate how these freezers will be installed in your capability (what number of doors, turns and curves are with respect to the ultimate location). Once going through this helpful information and facts concerning these freezers I am sure that you need to have 1 for your kitchen and keep the entire bulky frosty food safe and nutritious for long period.

How To Defrost Your Upright Freezer Quickly?

If you are looking for detailed information regarding how to defrost your upright freezer quickly, then you have come to the right place! Here in this article, we will discuss how you can quickly defrost an upright display freezer in UK. Probably, when you finish reading through, you can have a better understanding of how you do it promptly. Auto defrost options will definitely be a life-saver, especially when you are operating in a commercial environment.

The actual time to defrost your upright freezer is when ice deposits have got piled up. No doubt, this is fairly an easy process that pretty much anyone can do. When you defrost a freezer it means you are actually getting rid of that frost build up. This is particularly significant when you have small freezers because the frost will actually come in from the sides and leave you with an even smaller space than before.

It’s a fact that when you have small fridge or freezer, you need all the room you can get with it. In order to defrost a small fridge, the first step is to set up your mini appliance and always make sure that this should be done at least a few days before the actual defrosting process. Just take out all the food and beverages until it is empty. Turn the temperature down to 0 or just turn it off, whatever you prefer. The best way is to totally unplug it so there is no need to worry about electrocution.

upright freezer, upright display freezer

When you completely turn off the freezer, it will eventually help to instantly drop the inside temperature as the lights will not be on creating heat. Just keep the door wide open, because the air circulating through will help the frost build up to melt the ice faster. Moreover, this speeds up the drying process too. Try to use the paper towel or some cloths on hand to soak up the rest with. There will be more or less of a mess for you to tidy up, depending on how badly your fridge was frosted up.

When you are done with the defrosting, just give your upright display freezer with glass door a good cleaning. In fact, this is the best time to do it, to clean up the rest of the water and ensure there is no mold growth or dirt anywhere. Try to use a nontoxic cleaning substance and a rag to wipe around the insides. After cleaning, you can turn the fridge on and turn the temperature back up.

Allow a few hours to the fridge in order to get back to its original temperature and once you feel inside, and it is cool you can start putting food and drinks back inside.

Certainly, when it comes to defrosting, it is a quick and easy process and one that makes all the difference in the world. After defrosting, your Husky freezer will work better now and you don’t need to do it again for at least another few months.

Tips To Maintain A Catering Freezer

When it comes to the catering freezer, it is typically one of the most used appliances in the food-related industry, as commercial kitchen is incomplete without it. However, most of the freezers ultimately fails and people really don’t know the reason behind this. Actually, the reason is quite obvious, which is the lack of proper care and maintenance of new catering freezer.

Read The Instructions Carefully

While buying a new catering freezer, people should read all the instructions carefully, which are given in the attached booklet that comes with all new kitchen appliances. By doing so, you will able to keep the freezer in the best possible condition. And as we all know, that a new freezer is really a costly item to buy and a lot of people really shell out their full salaries to afford the one. That’s why it is really a crucial matter to take a look at.

Put The Catering Freezer In Dry Place

The first and the foremost thing that you need to consider is to simply keep the freezer in a dry place. It should also be placed away from any heat sources like heating vents and never ever place it in direct sunlight. If the door is not opening well, then you should check the proper level of the equipment on the ground, so that there is nothing under it that could tilt it in a rough position.

catering freezer

Don’t Leave The Freezer Door Open For Long

You have to avoid leaving the freezer door open for long periods of time, while using it. Once the door is open, the cold air from freezer instantly comes out, and then for the purpose of refilling the cold air, the gadget has to work two times harder just to get the temperature down to the previous level. It all depends on the freezer usage; that you are either more comfortable with buying a top down or under counter freezer model. The top down freezer model is considered to be a good choice if you have to open the freezer door frequently for taking out the frozen foods.

Avoid Overstocking

Try to avoid overstocking at all costs, because this will definitely diminish the freezer efficiency and doesn’t cool the food properly. So, whenever you notice that the temperature of the catering fridge is reducing, just check the number of items you have stored in your fridge. Always try to keep it either half or three quarters full for obtaining the most favorable results.

Moreover, when it comes to buying a catering freezer, never ever compromise on the ranking of the supplier. Always, choose a reputable catering equipment supplier who can help you select the Atosa catering freezer for your food business. Always check the size, type, model, and pricing before finalizing the purchase. No doubt, there are some suppliers who are fair in charging their clients, particularly when you pay in cash. Try to look for the manufacturer’s labor and parts warranty.

Commercial Cold Rooms – A Perfect Storage Solution For Your Business

If you are looking to buy robust, consistent and energy efficient cold rooms for your business then, you have come to the right place! Here in this article, you will get the detailed information regarding types, dimensions and specifications of cold rooms available in the market these days.

Cold Room

A room that is manufactured and designed to optimize the intended use is called as the cold room. When it comes to make your mind up to buy cold rooms, always spend money wisely. It must be reliable, energy-efficient and ideal enough to keep your products at optimum temperature and maintain a high level of hygiene ensuring that products are stored in a controlled environment.

Cold Room Types

Generally, there are two types of commercial cold rooms; modular cold rooms and walk-in cold rooms. It all depends what are your business requirements. So, it’s always better to get an expert advice that which type of cold room would be the best to meet your business needs.

cold room

Interleaving Modular Cold Rooms

Modular cold rooms are purpose-built in order to deal with the individual requirements and they are fitted within numerous industry sectors. The unique specifications of modular cold rooms include; they are available in varying sizes, all manufactured in various factories worldwide. These cold rooms come with an exceptional POD refrigeration system for better storage capacity and comfortable maintenance. Modular cold rooms have 90 mm-ODP zero-foam insulated panels for thermal efficiency. These units have cam-locks securely foamed into tongue and groove joints for tight locking stable structure, which ultimately removes the risk of ice buildup in the joints while ensuring ‘thermal envelope’ which is 100 per cent  supporting with BREAM authorization. They are 100 per cent silicon sealed, waterproof and weather-tight joints for careful sterile fitting to avert moisture and bacterial penetration. Interleaving modular cold & freezer room come with movable partition walls for dual compartment rooms, which are especially designed to be moved to fulfill space requirements such as seasonal menu variations.

Walk-in Cold Rooms

Walk-in cold rooms are smaller in size than cold storage’s and are mainly used by the retail industry to store goods with fast shelf refill rate. Due to the small size of these energy efficient cold rooms, the insulated floors are made strong enough only to enable the use of hand carts and not suitable for large power equipment’s such as forklifts. Walk in cold rooms are best to use in the convenience stores, super marts, hotels, restaurants, etc. Additionally, you have the choice to pick from blast freezers and blast chillers as well that are perfect for instant freezing and chilling applications where the temperature in the cold room needs to drop as low as -40 degree from the room temperature in a considerably short period of time.

These units need to be well-maintained and regularly monitored in order to shun the entry of any foreign material and make sure that there are no water leakages. Each contemporary cold storage unit contains high-tech infrastructure and built-in sensors and alarms so that maintenance team can identify the problem as soon as it happens. There are several manufacturers offering an impressive range of energy efficient cold rooms with bespoke designs to suit even the most unique environment.

Why Install Retrofit Chiller Doors

Energy efficiency is one of the things that is on the top of the list when it comes to refrigeration equipment because these units are the biggest consumers of electricity. Installing retrofit sliding glass doors can really have a positive impact on the energy consumption and the running cost. It can also have a helpful effect on the safety of the products. Replacing the old doors with the new retrofit doors can help increase your savings and also increase the customer appeal.

Retrofit Chiller Doors

There are several different advantages of installing the retrofit chiller doors:

The biggest advantage of installing these retrofit door is the decrease of energy consumption because if the energy consumption is reduced by 50 percent then it can have huge impact on the success of the business.

Some of other benefits include:

Integrity of product:                                                

With these doors the products are safe from sharp or drastic variations of temperature which can happen if the unit has open front. The customers are more likely to be sure of the safety and integrity of the unit if they are present behind glass doors. It is important to maintain the required temperature if these doors are installed. The consistency of the temperature plays a very important role in reducing the energy consumption of the unit.

Retrofit Chiller Doors

Better presentation:

These doors are equipped with LED lights which are excellent as they are durable and do not consume a lot of energy. The feature of LED lights makes the presentation of merchandise in an enhanced, cleaner and brighter way. It makes the products more visible to the customers attracting them to the products.

Reduction of maintenance expenses:

These doors have LED lights and they are responsible for 50 % less energy consumption. As they last at least five times longer than the ordinary lights they do not need to be changed frequently so the maintenance cost is decreased.

Less utilization of refrigerant charge:

With the installation of these doors there is a significant decrease in utilization of refrigerant.

Perception of remodeling:

Installation of these doors gives a very good look to the store as if the store has been remodeled. The sales of the shop can be increased a lot.

The retrofit door fitting of the chillers include certain steps:

Survey of the store:

Before retrofitting survey of the store is very important and the size and model of the cases is done in a very important. Any problem that needs to addressed when retrofitting is done. The information about the existing compressor systems should be known and how it will be affected by the modification.

Retrofit Chiller Doors


The compressor of the unit should be analyzed with reduced load and recommend any modifications if required. If there are modification required, provide a floor plan with modifications. Recommend the modifications which are good for energy efficiency.


Installation includes steps like removal of existing lights, modification of piping, valves and electrical components and other modifications related to reduction of load.


After the retrofit doors from Teknodor are installed on chiller units, adjustment and tuning of the system should be done.