Upright Freezers, Doing A Stand Up Job

Usually, it is not easy to gain the reputation of a champion, but during the past few years, the upright freezers have become a champion of many disaster areas. Yes, it is true, for this you should see how upright display cooler are becoming a champion in the disaster area for the victims, where we see the freezers are doing a stand up job.

After six months of a destructive earthquake struck Haiti, most of the governments have promised to help the affected country financially, so that people could rebuild their homes. But, these funds were not delivered, which is really a shameful situation, but one of the unknown donor sends upright freezers to the hospitals for storing blood supplies, medicines like antibiotics. These cheap upright freezers were considered to be the most important thing at that time. One of the head of the hospitals said that without these upright freezers, there would be probability of more deaths. These upright freezers are doing a great job in preserving all the medical supplies from being useless, because these things should be kept frozen.

glass door fridge

That’s only one example, so how this incident does relate to your story and why you think you want an Upright Freezer? There are many advantages of the upright freezer. Usually a small upright fridge & freezer is a very handy appliance, which you have in your home, especially if your family is big and you have to do a lot of cooking, you should definitely need this freezer at your home. You can store meats, vegetables, ice-creams, fruits, in short we can say this ideal appliance because a refrigerator may not have sufficient space and it is not considered to be ideal when you want to store food items for a longer time period.

The structure of the freezer permits you to put your meats separate from your vegetables and units of temperature control would help you in maintaining your frozen goods without burning of a freezer. This is really important for meats. Normally meat is a costly item for purchasing until and unless you raise your own. People, who raise their own beef, usually have a meat locker for storing their bigger cuts of meats, but in their homes, and in farms they have an upright freezer.

upright freezer, upright display freezer

People usually buy these compact kitchen appliances only to save some space in their kitchen. Mostly people sue it often, after they buy the one, because a commercial chest freezer in UK is not designed to use so frequently just like a fridge. Normally these appliances are about two to twenty cubic feet; due to accessible shelves it becomes easy for you to store all food items neatly and orderly.

There are also smaller units available, specially designed for apartment or small sized kitchens. As this freezer is available at very low price we can say it is a life saver for those people who are working with restricted space and funds. You can also buy a medium size refrigerator unit and then your freezer would be a smaller unit. This could work out well for single people and small families.

Curved Glass Serve Overs for an Ideal Display

Do you want to create a perfect display for your convenience store, super mart or retail outlet in order to entice customers and impulse sales? Then, you don’t need to worry at all! Curved glass serve overs are the perfect option to go for.

Undoubtedly, curved glass serve over counters offer both functional and aesthetic value, that’s why most of the retailers choose to fit them at the front of their outlet premises. As far as the selection of best glass serve over counters for your retail business is concerned, you first need to accurately measure out the space where you want to display the counter. The size, shape and pattern of the counter are highly dependent on the space available to place it. Next most critical aspect to consider is what your respective budget is. For this, it’s good to develop a proper plan regarding installation of these serve over counters. For better assistance, you can also go for a specialist who can help you with valuable advice’s regarding such appliances.

Before buying curved glass serve over counters, just try to search out some what are the latest trends these days including style, design, color and product specifications. If you want to create a tempting look of your outlet, then you might go for curved glass serve overs as it will enhance the overall aesthetic value of your premises.

Serve over counter, serve over display fridge

When it comes to buying Mafirol serve over counters, you need to remember some of the crucial points such as these counter must be robust and durable and especially should be lesser prone to routine wear n tear. This is how you can maintain your appliance for the long period of time. Likewise, it also helps you to successfully reduce repairing and maintenance costs of the serve over counters. Besides, you need to settle on major functions and utilities of these counters in order to select the best type. Retailers most often prefer those counters & salad display that are being used for multiple purposes which absolutely help you saving costs.

There are a lot of curved glass serve over varieties available in the market of which you need to select the most robust, efficient and consistent one that can serve your purposes in a personalized manner. Most of the curved glass serve over counters contain commonest material such as stainless steel, marble, aluminum, lime-stone, rock-maple, granite, laminate, engineered stones and many more. Always keep in mind that these serve overs must be highly water, scratches and heat resistant and such quality will be relatively helpful for maintaining the same for longer periods of time.

Glass Door Fridge – Need of your Drinks & Food

Have you ever imagined the convenience when you look into the fridge without opening the door and this seems to be the major reason that why people prefer to buy a glass door display fridge. A cheap upright fridge from koolmax actually enables you to see the food, fruits and vegetables that are stored in it without opening the door and check the contents. This helps you to make proper arrangements for your grocery shopping as well as cooking.

When it comes to the commercial set ups, these glass door fridges seems to be tremendously practical since they can also double up as a display case for food and beverages. No matter you are buying a display fridge for your home or business, there are a wide range of varieties available with varying choices in sizes, designs, dimensions and specifications. Single door, double door, triple door, hinged or sliding door; you need to choose as per your business requirements. The price of these fridges varies depending on the function it provides. Though, it allows an absolute convenience of systematizing your life in the kitchen or in your outlet’s premises and you will definitely feel like it’s a valuable investment.

Moreover, the fact that the door of the fridge is made of glass, it enables easy cleaning. In addition, if you want to alter your kitchen’s decor, you don’t need to buy a new glass door display fridge to match the overall color scheme. Glass door display fridge is currently available in many different colors, you just have to choose the standard color that goes best with any color scheme.

upright freezer, upright display freezer

Glass Door Freezer

When it comes to the glass door freezers, it provides an attractive way to display frozen items and improve the possibility of the customer making a purchase. A glass door freezer is practically essential for any retailer who wishes to offer frozen goods for sale.

There are several different types of upright freezers; you just need to think over, which one is suitable as per your requirements. Nowadays, counter top glass door freezers are perfect for getting people to make impulse purchases. These units are perfect to be placed at checkouts and pay points. The time when people are lined up to pay, they are more prone to make instant purchases. No doubt, it is a proven fact and you have seen big stores using the same tactic to increase sales. By putting a counter top display freezer at POS (point of sale), you are actually improving the chances of a sale being made. You can place high impulse goodies such as ice cream and other treats inside the glass door freezer; you are eventually mounting the possibility of a sale being made.

Glass door freezers typically hold boxed and packed food items. These freezers have a high storage capacity and come with compartments so you can manage each food separately. These display freezers generally have self-closing doors to preserve energy and food items. As these freezers have glass doors, it means the customer can see inside without opening the freezer doors, which ultimately saves you electricity, and averting the possibility of food getting damaged.

Achieve the Best Results with the Help of Retail Design Services

In order to attract customers to your shop you need a lot more than just a plain looking store. With that passage of time the competition is getting harder and harder and the need for uniqueness is increasing. Your place needs to be planned perfectly and for that you need to hire the beast retail design services.

These services are become the need of time. The services provide you with the expert and specialist designers with special skills. All of the necessary phases of establishing the shop can be fulfilled through these services.

Layout of the shop:

The layout of the shop is one of the most important phases of setting up a place. The design of the layout depends on the type of shop you are planning on setting up. The design needs to be suitable according to the shop. Like a restaurant will be designed a lot differently than a bar. The places whose layout is designed with great and considerate planning are more welcoming to the customers. Customers do not really like cramped up places. Whether you need to add counters or shop display shelves to the shop also depends on the nature of the business and the types of counters and their placing is also decided during the designing phase.

Storefronts and counter areas:

The designing of the storefronts and the counters is the next important step. The storefront is like the billboard of your shop and you should make sure that they are very well designed. The storefront should be designed in a way that your shop stands out in the row of shops. It should not look like any other shop. The customers can be attracted by adding uniqueness and color to the front of your shop. This will increase the clientele and the business will be successful. The store counters should also be suitable to the type of business you are running. The counter used in a book store will be much different from that of a refrigeration store or a food store. The professional retail shopfitters will give you the best guidance that you can hope for. The best and most suitable counters will be installed with the best advice from the skilled designers.


Addition of merchandise is the next step. It is also very important because the functionality of your business depends a lot on the merchandise that you decide to install to the shop. The restaurant needs good furniture and best quality refrigeration and cooking merchandise for the kitchen and then there is also your budget to worry about. This service can really help you choose the best.


The installation of the merchandise is also done by a team of experts. So it is done with great care and skill.

Glass Door Fridges and Rising Trends

Glass door fridges are used for storing and preserving the food products that are perishable. They are utilized to store and preserve the food in a way that it is easy to display them for the customer to see while being kept in a very protective environment. The refrigerated environment is very important for increasing the shelf life of the food products.

The glass front refrigerators in UK are an excellent way of displaying the food products. These refrigerators not only provide optimal appliance for not only displaying the food items but also stores them in the best possible way.

The major reason behind rising popularity of the glass door appliances is the increasing competition in the market. The food industry has become very competitive and it is important to be aware of the latest trends that are very important. The manufacturers are always looking for the versatile methods and new appliances which will make them stand out among many other food and beverage businesses.

Commercial Glass Door Fridges

The glass door display freezer not only provides a clear view of the displayed food products or beverages but it is very energy efficient. The glass door allows you to see and food product without opening the door of the appliances. You can make the fridges much more energy efficient if the door opening is reduced considerably. The glass door allows you to display the frozen products without disturbing the temperature of the refrigerator. It is very important to maintain the storage temperature. If the temperature fluctuates a lot then the compressor will have to much harder in order to maintain the temperature. The harder the compressor has to work the greater will be the energy consumption. The glass door fridges have the LED lights which are an excellent feature because they illuminate the interior of the refrigerator. The LED lights attract much more attention of the customers and the sales can really be enhanced by using Husky fridges.

glass door fridge

The factor which is playing the major factor in increase of the glass door refrigeration industry is the increasing role of the retail store in the economies that are developing. The industry is growing a lot. In 2014 the market was valued at the $6.5 US and by the end of 2023 the market’s value is expected to be $13. US. In the past the glass door refrigeration was often associated with high prices. They were considered very expensive and that is why they were not used as commonly as they are used now. As there was progress in technology the glass door appliances industry also improved a lot. There is a lot of awareness about the advantages that can be achieved by using these refrigeration appliances and that awareness has led to increased market value of these refrigerators.

The glass door refrigerators are equipped with all the different features like the digital temperature display, castors, magnetic door gaskets, casters, adjustable shelving for upright appliances, and wire baskets for horizontal refrigerators. These features make it even better and more efficient.

The glass door refrigerators are available in several different sizes and shapes.

Chest Freezer – The Most Preferable Appliance So Far

Running a convenience store, cafe, bar or restaurant, then you probably understand the importance of a chest freezer. For restaurant owners, no matter how appetizing their delicacies, the right cooking and storage equipment’s are necessary. A small chest freezer in UK is particularly designed for stocking frozen food products in huge quantities. If you are looking to buy a freezer to store frozen food for days, a chest freezer is all you need.

The regular cooking appliance is typically too small for a restaurant’s needs, and most likely won’t supply demand. Faulty commercial appliances can cause the same problem – a product that doesn’t work right can ruin inventory, limiting your daily output and preventing sales. When it comes to a chest freezer, it’s an important part of the set up of any cafe or restaurant and help companies to store their products for a long period of time without having a taste change. In addition to being great to look at, a chest freezer should be fit for purpose and practical. You can’t even imagine how much turnover you will generate by installing such commercial refrigeration appliances. Likewise, large supermarkets and even wholesalers keep many thousands of pound’s worth of food cooled by having chest freezers installed in their premises. You just can’t underrate how important commercial refrigeration equipment’s are to some people, especially retailers and super mart owners.

chest freezer

No doubt, a chest freezer is hard to beat when it comes to consumption of space as it can store ample amount of food and other products. There are two types of commercial freezers with options to be found in each and every variety – chest freezers and upright freezers. Both versions have their very own merits and demerits and thus require a thorough judgment while choosing the best version of freezer for the unit.

Moreover, it is essential for the commercial kitchens to meet certain health and safety regulations, such as storing food at the exact temperature, in order to keep raw food and prepared foods separately while making sure that there must be no cross contamination. The marketplace is actually filled with a wide selection of chest freezers & Display Freezer with Glass Door. The reason for this kind of differentiation could be attributed to the energy effectiveness rating of such chest freezers together with thriving practical attributes which makes life less difficult for the buyers.

You just need to keep in mind specific space restrictions while buying display chest freezers. Although people go in for a small chest freezer, you would however use a substantial amount of living area. Not only horizontal space, one would also require vertical place for the lid to open properly. Seeing that ideally these freezers are supposed to be kept in a dry area, you ought to contemplate how these freezers will be installed in your capability (what number of doors, turns and curves are with respect to the ultimate location). Once going through this helpful information and facts concerning these freezers I am sure that you need to have 1 for your kitchen and keep the entire bulky frosty food safe and nutritious for long periods.

Make Your Shop the Best One by Choosing the Right Shopfitting

Shopfitting is very important for a successful business. The layout and design of the place is all done during the shopfitting. Choosing the right shopfitting is vital for the business.  It a pretty big investment so you should make sure that the money is spent on the perfect shopfitting. The perfect shopfitting is also essential for visual merchandising and also customer convenience.

There are certain things that should be kept in mind while choosing the shopfitting. There are small tips that can be very helpful in choosing the right retail shopfitting and establishing a successful business.

The items that you are displaying:

While choosing the shopfitters in UK the first question that should be asked is what is the best way of displaying the items that you are planning to sell? There are several different options in order to display different items. You have to choose the option which is perfect for your items. If you are planning the shopfitting of a store or a supermarket then the shopfitting should be done in a way that the items displayed are not only organized, they also are displayed in the best possible way. The retail shop shelving should also be able to endure the load of the products displayed. The shelves should go well with the interior and the accessibility of the products should be easy and simple.

Retail Shop Fitting Services

Target customers:

While shopfitting it is very important to consider the target customers. It is important to display the merchandise so that it is easily visible to the target customers. The displaying of the merchandise plays a very important role in enhancing the sales of a business. If you have high end fashion products, then the customers will expect that these products are displayed so that they are very prominent and they stand out among other products. In order to create a more elegant and sophisticated look it is advisable to install glass shelves. But first of all make sure that they are able to endure the load of the merchandise. All of these factors can be achieved by choosing the right shopfitting.

Image of the brand:

The brand image is very important and essential factor in success of the business. The brand image is as important as knowing the target customers. The brand image should be able to show everything that your place has to offer including the solution for shopfitting. If you are running a food business, then it is important that you have high quality commercial refrigeration in order to keep the food frozen and fresh. You believe in providing the highest quality food products to the customers which is why they have selected the highest quality refrigeration equipment. If you are running a hardware business, then in order to create a good image then you have to display high quality tools and equipment. You should display the products in a way which shows professionalism and skill. The displaying should not be displayed in a very complex way. It should be simple and approachable. The best option for shelving is universal shelving.


The shopfitting should be done in a way that it should reflect the brand in the best possible way. The customers should always have a very comfortable and pleasurable experience.

Getting the perfect shopfitting is very important for enhancing the success of the business.

Ways of Finding the Best Chest Freezer for your Business

Freezers are an important part of food business. The function of the freezer is to maintain a low temperature. The low temperature decreases the probability of spoiling the food products. The low temperature increases the shelf life of the food products. There are several different types of freezers available in the market and it is important to choose the perfect freezer for your business. Cheap chest freezers are used extensively for commercial use. They are very suitable for commercial use.

Chest freezers play an important role in efficiency of the business so it is important chooses the right chest freezer for your business.

Here is a guide for choosing the perfect chest freezer for your business.

First of you need to select a good brand which has a trust worthy reputation. Choosing a good brand is important because only by choose a good brand you can invest your money in the best quality appliances.

Once you have chosen the brand you need to look at the dimensions of the chest freezer. The dimensions are an important factor to look for because it needs to be perfect according to the space that is available to you. The Vestfrost chest freezers are not small appliances and they heavy pretty large footprint so they do need a lot of space. So before you buy the chest freezer you need to measure the space very carefully and the ventilation should be kept in mind as well. The external dimensions will let you know whether you will be able to fit the freezer in the place that is available to you.

chest freezer

The chest freezers are considered very suitable for commercial use because of their gracious capacity. The capacity is very important factor in success of the business. The capacity should be according to needs of your business. The chest freezers will allow you to store food products of different sizes and shapes. The capacity of the freezer should be able to hold food enough for your business. Buying food in large bulks helps you to save a lot of money and chest freezers allow you to store large bulks of food. By choosing the right capacity you will be able save a lot of money.

While you are buying the chest freezer you should make sure that it is equipped with accessories like baskets. The baskets available for the freezer are made up of wire, mostly of stainless steel wires. These baskets help in storing the food items which are of small size. With the help of these baskets it is easy to keep track of the smaller items. Buy cake display cabinets from Koolmax at cost effective price.

Another important feature to look for in the chest freezers are casters. They make it very easy to move the appliances when required. These freezers are of large size and cannot be moved without the help of casters. The internal light of the freezers is optional but it is advisable to have it because the light makes it easier to locate the food products inside the chest freezers.

These freezers are either available with hinged lids or sliding lids. You can choose the freezer which seems suitable to your business.

Avoid these common mistakes when buying glass door freezer

Shopping for refrigeration appliances is a not an easy task because there are several factors the need to be considered in order to choose the right and perfect refrigerator for your place.  Display freezers have become an essential part of food business because they are energy efficient and an excellent way of showcasing your frozen food collection.

There are certain mistakes that people usually make while shopping for glass front freezers which can cost you a lot of money. It is important be very considerate while buying the freezers because it can a lot of effect on the running cost of the freezers.

Here are some of the things that you should definitely avoid, when glass door freezers from Koolmax:

upright freezer, upright display freezer

Never buy a freezer based by estimating its capacity by just looking at its external dimensions. The external dimensions can be deceptive because it may look like it can hold the required capacity but it’s the internal dimensions that will tell you exactly how much a freezer can hold at a time. Always inquire about the internal dimensions and the capacity of the freezer because if you end up buying a freezer which has much more capacity than you require then it will just end up costing you a lot of money because it will consume more energy. If you end up buying a freezer whose capacity is smaller than required then you will end up overstocking it which is not good for the efficiency of the freezer and also ends up in high energy consumption. Buying the wrong size is going to cost you a lot of money which is not good for the business.

If you are looking for low energy consumption then choose the commercial freezer which does not has an auto defrost feature. There is no doubt that the auto defrost is very useful feature as it cleans the frosting on the coils of the freezers, increasing its efficiency and durability but if you are concerned about the energy consumption do not choose the glass door display freezer with auto defrost feature. You can defrost the freezer manually when needed.

It is very important to choose the right type of freezer. The chest freezers are much cheaper as compared to the upright freezers but do not be fooled by the price tag. First of all think whether you have enough space to put a chest freezer or not. You may buy the glass lid chest freezer because it is much cheaper but where will you put it. The chest freezers also have a very gracious capacity so if you are going to store large bulks of food then these freezers are best for you but if you are planning on storing food in small packets then you should choose the upright glass door freezer even though it is a little expensive as compared to the chest freezers. If the chest freezer has low stock of food then its running cost will be much higher than the upright one so you will still end up spending a lot of money.

Keep all of these things in mind while buying an Interlevin refrigeration so that you can buy the perfect freezer and your money does not gets wasted.

Why You Need a Back Bar Bottle Cooler

If you are looking for detailed information regarding bottler coolers from Koolmax then, you have come to the right place! Here in this article, we will discuss some great reasons why you should get one. Perhaps, when you end up reading this, you can have a better understanding about the available options rather than the freezer or fridge storage. Back bar bottle cooler will certainly be a life-saver when you are entertaining guests.

Back Bar bottle cooler allows you to get with perfectly chilled wine within just few minutes. Certainly, there comes a time when you are not in a situation to store your wines in a cool spot and essentially need it to be cooled really fast. Therefore, this is the time when the rapid bottle cooler really works out! In essence, you put your wine bottle within the cooler and then press some buttons and instantly get a chilled wine bottle. This will be brilliant, particularly in times when you forget to chill your wines in advance or in case you have a surprise visitor and need to chill wine quickly. Moreover, commercial back bar coolers from Tefcold come with a fitted digital thermometer, which enables you to monitor the temperature of your drinks and beverages all the time. You can monitor and rectify the temperature as per your outside temperature conditions. These units are designed with a reverse-air-system which has the ability to control the air movement within the commercial beverage cooler. At the same time, it also ensures that cold air is distributed within the cooler and warm air is kept out. Moreover, it also contains a built-in electronic voltage protection system.


When it comes to buying high quality, attractive and hard wearing back bar bottle coolers, to keep your wines at optimum temperatures and to defer from abrupt environmental changes, you need a reliable manufacturer. You can get an incredible range of bottle coolers that will fit anyone’s needs; either you need them for commercial or residential purposes ranging from small counter top models, to large and mini fridges for bars that will fit even the biggest wine collection.

When it comes  to finalizing the purchase, the most important thing that you need to consider is to measure the size of your premises. You have to keep your business requirements at its earliest. If you want to give your outlet a more elegant look than you might go for wine chiller with a black-coated exterior, or a stainless steel design. There are some models that possess a spurred stainless steel top, which is crafted to slide under existing mill work, while others have a finished stainless steel top for extra storage space.


Moreover, this beverage cooler is perfect for display purpose due to its convenient pricing strips, a curved handle and back-panel, which is identified with decals. It offers an abundant product display area of about 1.35 sq meters along with the logo display canopy, which is about 033 sq meters in size. You can use this commercial beverage cooler to entice customers to buy more chilled drinks. These back bar coolers are specially designed in a way to tantalize your customers’ taste buds and they will eventually drawn to buy your chilled beverages.