Factors That Measure Your Catering Business Success

There are several specific components of a commercial kitchen. An actual commercial kitchen is set up with the help of proper equipment. There is an extensive range of catering equipment available. The successful kitchen is made up of distinct components which are organized in a particular pattern. The organization should be done to optimize the performance and efficiency of the cheap catering equipment.


Efficient Use Of Kitchen Space

It is important to utilize the space of the kitchen in the best possible way.  The commercial kitchen should be designed so that all the necessary equipment can be adjusted in the kitchen. The kitchen space should not be congested. There should be enough space for the employees to move freely and provide a fast and efficient service. The catering equipment should fit the kitchen space entirely. It should also be according to your budget and needs. There are all the different kinds of equipment required in the kitchen. There are stoves, refrigerators, storage units, utensils, beverage dispensers, dishwashers, ice cream machines, etc. The success of a professional kitchen depends on the high quality equipment.

Fast Paced Workflow

A commercial kitchen which is professionally designed will be able to give you enough space. Space will ensure fast paced flow of work. The professionally designed kitchen provides an excellent environment for efficient work. The time is of the essence in the restaurant business. The customers always prefer places which have fast service. The menu should be delivered quickly to the customers. The order should be completed on time. Do not try to fit the catering equipment in a small space without proper planning. It can hinder the work flow of the kitchen. It can create holdups and interrupt the flow of service. The customers will have to wait long for their orders.

Energy Efficient Appliances

If the commercial kitchen is properly planned, then it will be energy efficient as well. There are several means of decreasing the power consumption of the catering equipment. If the equipment like the refrigerators, stoves, fryers, steamers will be placed appropriately; they can be very energy efficient. It will also prevent damage and help saving money on repairs. Choosing the retail refrigeration equipment which is energy star-rated certified can help in energy efficiency as well.

Compliance & Standards

It is important to make sure that the commercial kitchen equipment meets the standards and all the health codes.  Meeting all the requirements is a difficult task. To make sure all of the standards are fulfilled, take help from professional companies. They can easily get certified for maintaining the health code and maintaining standards.

Kitchen Hygiene

A commercial kitchen which is planned properly is easy to clean. The cleanliness of the kitchen can be increased significantly if the layout of the kitchen is designed correctly. It can also save your time and prevent frequent cleaning. The cross-contamination can be avoided by placing the equipment in their perfect places. Cleanliness is the most important part of the commercial kitchen. It can help in providing efficient and best service to the customers. Having a professional retail store design and best catering equipment also adds value to the employees, restaurant, and the customers.

Selecting from the Best Soft Scoop Ice Cream Displays

People love to eat ice cream no matter what the season is. Ice is perishable and it needs to be stored in a refrigerated appliances. The scoop ice cream is one of the type of ice cream which is sold. The scoop ice cream is liked by the customers a lot. The scoop ice cream adds flare and color to the shop and the customers are always attracted to colorful variety of ice creams.

The soft scoop ice cream is one of the type of ice creams that can be a good addition to the shop. They can be stored in a soft scoop ice cream displays. The texture of the scoop ice cream can just be maintained just by keeping the right temperature.


There are several soft scoop ice cream displays available in the market. Here are some of the models for you to choose from:

Framec MINICREAM2V Countertop Scoop Ice Cream Display:

This appliance is a display freezer which is excellent for a place which is space limited. This appliance has a maximum display to offer. It has low energy glass canopy and features a temperature display. This appliance has static cooling. It features a temperature display and accepts Napoli pans. These pans are sold separately. The temperature range of the appliance is -0 C to -25 C. The maximum ambient temperature of the appliance is 30 C at 55 % RH. It features manual defrost. The exterior finish is white and the interior finish is of stainless steel. Its capacity is 2 x 5 liter Napoli pans.

Tefcold IC200SC CANOPY 4 Pan Ice Cream Display:

This Tefcold IC200SC soft scoop ice cream display hasa temperature range of -14 C to -22 C. the temperature range of the appliance is perfect for storing the scoop. It has a very good looking curved glass canopy. There is a flat top surface and lockable sliding lids. It is equipped with temperature display and fan assisted condenser. It has an inner liner of hammered aluminum. It has Napoli sized plastic tubs which support the frames. It has under tubs storage. It has manual defrost and uses R134a as a refrigerant. The exterior finish is white while the interior finish is of aluminum. It has fitted castors.

Igloo Gelatti 1700 Soft Scoop Ice Cream Display Freezer:

This display freezer accepts 14 napoli pans. The dimensions of the appliance are 1710W x 835D x 1230H mm. it has ventilated cooling and the exterior of the appliance is white coated. The front panel of the freezer is made up of painted steel. The worktop of the appliance is of stainless steel. It has curved front glass which is openable. It features an automatic condenser vaporization. It has an electronic temperature controller and has a digital display. It has automatic defrost and is suitable for the ambient temperature of up to 25 C. the temperature range is -18 C to -20 C.

ISA 12 x 5ltr NP: KALEIDO 120:

This appliance is fully automatic and features ventilated cooling. It is equipped with adjustable feet and features LED interior light. It has digital controller, a temperature display, rear night curtain, anti-mist glass, a front glass which is hydraulic double glaze. Its capacity is 12 x 5 liter Napoli pans. It has a temperature range of -14 C to -16 C.

Available Options of Multideck Display Fridges for Commercial Level

The most common display refrigerator used in stores and supermarkets is the multideck display fridges. These refrigerators are popular on a commercial level because they offer a gracious storage capacity. These appliances also have an excellent display area so they are the best option for displaying the products for the customers.

There are two options when it comes to the multideck refrigerated display appliances and the options are plug-in appliances and remote fridges.

Remote Multideck Display Fridges:

These appliances are the ones, which have their motor mounted outside the premises of the shop. The motor is placed on the external wall or the floor. These appliances expel their heat outside the premises of the shop so the appliance does not affect the ambient temperature of the place. The outside parts of the appliance are connected to the parts inside the premises through pipes. The installation of these appliances is not easy and it can only be done properly if done by a skilled technician. If these appliances are not installed with perfection, then the efficiency of the refrigerator will decrease. The lifespan of the fridge is increased through proper maintenance. The maintenance of remote appliances is also time consuming.


Plug-in Multideck Display Refrigerator:

These appliances have all of the components present inside on single cabinet. The only component of the appliance that is present outside the appliance is the electrical cord. These appliances are also known as integral appliances and they are less expensive as compared to the remote refrigerators. These appliances are very easy to install and it does not require any help from the professionals. You can install them all by yourself because all you need to do is plug in the electrical cord. Maintaining this appliance is also easy as all the components are in one place.

LED Lighting Perfect for Multideck:

The LED internal lights have become an important part of the display refrigerators because they provide significant energy savings, low cost for maintenance and appealing display. Using the LED lights as internal display lights in glass door multideck is one of the most perfect applications of the LEDs can decrease the energy usage by at least 60 %. That is why the retailers prefer to use LEDs instead of other lighting options. The Led lights also give off less heat as compared to other lights so they are well suited for the Multideck refrigerators. They do not produce a lot of heat so the inner temperature of the appliance can be maintained without much effort.

The LEDs are also perfect for the Multideck fridges because they love the cold temperature. The colder temperature they are installed in, the longer they will be able to last. They last for a long period and do not need to be replaced after a few months.

The LED lights are different because the fluorescent lights diffuse their light in all directions while the LEDs are designed so that the light is illuminated at 70 to 160 degrees as a refrigeration cabinet requires. The quality of the interior light of the fridge can be improved by reducing the glare of the light. These lights make the products appear very appealing and are highly suitable for attracting more customers.

There are several different sizes and designs of the Multideck display appliances, but generally, it comes down to the vertical display appliances with doors and these appliances are the most popular of them. The LED interior lights make the appliance; look big and full of all the different varieties. These appliances provide a very big and effective display area. The display area needs to be visible to the customers so that they are attracted to the stored merchandise and compelled to buy it.

The fluorescent lights used in the refrigerated display cases last only about 6 to 12 months while the LED lights can last much longer. There is a lot of difference in the heat generated by the two lights as well. The maintenance cost of the LEDs is less than the fluorescent lights.

The technology of the LED lights is being improved further. These lights can save almost 60 % energy but the new technology will reduce the energy consumption even further. It is highly significant because these refrigerators are high consumers of electricity and this will help in lowering the cost.