5 Things to Do While Designing a Small Retail Place

There is a lot of competition in the retail business and to succeed it is essential to provide the best shopping experience to the customers. The layout and design of the retail store play a significant role in its success. The fitting of the retail store can often become tricky especially if the store is small and short of space. There are always some areas that will be difficult to fit if you have a small retail space.


Retail store design requires a lot planning to make sure that you can provide the best shopping experience to the customers and satisfy them. Here are some useful tips that can help you in making sure that you have the best retail area no matter how small space is.

Adding an accent wall:

When you choose a bold color for one wall, it not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the place but also makes a small place look larger. You should only paint one of the walls in bold colors while the other should be painted in light color. The combination of light and bright color helps in creating an illusion of the receding which makes it look bigger than it is. You can also create an accent wall by putting printed wallpaper or fabric on the wall. It will add texture and style to the place as patterns are an excellent addition.

Creating a window effect:

The windows are always an excellent addition to a place that is small in your retail store. The windows make the place look bigger as it opens up space. You take every opportunity to create a window space in the area. You can also cut a window space in the wall separating two rooms. Another way of creating a window effect is to hang drapes around the big mirrors. It creates an illusion of space and is perfect for small spaces.

Covering the walls:

The color of the walls is a major factor in making the place look bigger. It is important to use the walls wisely if you want to optimize the space. The shop shelving is also an important consideration as mounting the shelves on the walls is an excellent way of using the walls and saving the area. You should also strategically place the mirrors on the wall so that the place looks bright and open.

Keeping the furniture sparse:

If you have a small space, then you should keep minimum furnishing in the shop.  The shelving should not be all the way up to the roof because it will make the place look tighter. The size of the furniture should also be according to the scale of the room. If the furniture is too large, then it will make the place look smaller than it is. Waist high shelves and chairs are a better option for small spaces.

Using vertical space:

You should come up with a design that allows you to use as much vertical space as you can. Displaying items on the shelves or hangers by using ceiling to floor fixtures is useful in creating an illusion of space.

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