Professional Ways To Present Beverages Before Customers

Do you have a bar and looking for the most professional ways to manage and chill your beverages? No worries! Here are some of the best refrigerators that proficient bars do posses. These chillers help businesses in providing quality services to its customers that made these equipments extremely eminent in pubs, bars and restaurants. Actually, those retailers who want to deliver quality services in the catering business desire these appliances.

Back Bar Coolers


The appliances like bar coolers have the ability to maintain a very cold temperature within them. These chillers are typically utilized when drinks need to be chilled quickly, because of the fact they bring the temperature down rather easily. Back bar coolers are important in maintaining wines, beers along with other beverages at the premium temperature. When customers will see at a bar or restaurant on a hot day, they want a thing that will give them a cooling effect. That is why, getting these bottles within the premise of a business enterprise is very imperative. Customers who will see at your company and you serve them with drinks whose temperature is not attractive might not come again.

Often, under counter wine cooler is used for specialty tasks in some commercial kitchens. There are a lot of freezer manufacturers that create these bar coolers along with the custom modifications for distinct applications. These chillers actually crystallize the water inside them to freeze food. The size of the ice crystals that are formed depends on the warmth with the temperature at which the freezing takes place. Critical rapid freezing is endorsed in these freezers due to the very cold temperature on account of which the meek ice crystals are formed.

Beer Fridges



If you are passionate about beers, then you need to store them correctly. Due to certain chemical reactions, all beers will eventually go off, as it is accelerated by storing it at the wrong temperature and the bad humidity. In such case, beer fridge works out great. This fridge has got the ability to store your drinks and accurate temperature and humidity until you are ready to enjoy it. These fridges are quite essential, especially when you want to store your alcoholic beverages to consume at a later date. Beer fridges and counter top fridges contain a small number of bottles, and you can place it anywhere in the bar. These beer fridges are purposely designed to help you to store your beer correctly and imitate the conditions of a cold, damp cellar.

Bottle Cooler



Bottle cooler allows you to get perfectly chilled wine within just few minutes. Certainly, there comes a time when you are not in a situation to store your wines in a cool spot and essentially need it to be cooled really fast. Therefore, this is the time when bottle cooler really works! In essence, you put your wine bottle within the cooler and then press some buttons and instantly get a chilled wine bottle. Moreover, commercial back bar coolers come with a fitted digital thermometer, which enables you to monitor the temperature of your drinks and beverages all the time.

A Right Information About Beer Fridges

Beer fridges are getting to be an essential a part of a bar. Whether you operate a full-fledged bar, or we have a minibar as part of your restaurant and cafe, you will want a beer fridge as a way to store your beer collection. These cheap beer fridges come in a variety of styles and sizes. The capacity on the beer fridge might be chosen in accordance with the needs of your respective business. It is important to bear in mind the taste is only able to be preserved from the best possible away whether it’s stored inside right temperature knowing that temperature is only able to be provided with a proper beer fridge.


The beer fridges are available because of the upright fridges. Different types of beer fridges come in market with single, double or perhaps a triple door. You can have the fridge which satisfies the storage needs of your business. It is usually good to possess a stock of cold beers for sale in case there’s a rush of consumers.

The beer fridges are mainly made up of steel which is an outstanding material since it is strong and durable.

Adjustable shelves:

It ‘s nice to own adjustable shelves because not all with the beer bottles are the same size. Scancool beer fridges are offered with adjustable shelves feature. It is important to possess adjustable shelves so that they could be adjusted in line with the size from the bottles. The adjustable shelves also ensure it is very easy to clean the fridge completely at the same time. They also allow arranging the bottles, so your storage space with the refrigerator is optimized since the efficiency in the refrigerator depends on a whole lot on the optimization with the storage space.

Dual temperature:

There are beer fridges provided with the dual temperature feature. This feature in the beer refrigerators is excellent because you can keep the beer from the temperature that’s suitable for it.

Opaque or maybe a smoked glass front:

Beer and lightweight are not excellent per other. The light won’t go well with the beer as the light can spoil the taste in the beer quickly which can be why the beer fridges either offer an opaque door or perhaps a smoke glass door. Both opaque doors and dark, smoked glass prevents the lighting not to go into the refrigerator.

Unique and important features:

The beer fridges have certain features which will make them excellent for storing your beer collection while the energy consumption in check. Most on the beer fridges have self-closing doors that are a good feature. The self-closing doors are perfect for energy efficiency when they make sure that the doors won’t be left open even by chance. If the doors stay open, then a cold air can only escape making the compressor figure extra hard. These refrigerators feature internal LED illumination as well as a lock feature. Both handy for commercial use. The auto defrosts feature also increases the efficiency with the fridge considerably. The usual temperature variety of this appliance is 0 C to 10 C, excellent for beer storage.

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What Is The Optimum Serving Temperature Of Beers?


Usually the ideal serving or drinking temperature for brew is gotten from the process of fermentation. Bottom fermented brews, similar to ail or pilsner, have a propensity to be best served icy, while top fermented brews, for example, lager and stouts are somewhat warmer. This much is by all accounts composed into our DNA, and obviously much is left to personal preference. One quick guide that might help is the color of the lager: many aficionados specify it lighter (in color) brews are best enjoyed cold and the darker the brew the higher the serving temperature ought to be. For-instance, stout can best be enjoyed at 11 – 13°C, and like red wine, should be served in a flagon. Similarly ale’s flavors are best enjoyed at 2 – 7°C and ought to be served in tall, slender glasses. Here in this article, we have put together a short guide to assist you in selecting the right drinking temperature, storage and glass for your favorite beverage!

Ice Cold – 0 to 4°C

It’s a fact that you should drink anything you do not want to taste below 4°C as your sense of taste is dulled at these temperatures – which includes the ideal drinking range of pale lagers and bulk-produced beers that are sold on being served ice-cold from the tap or fridge. Low or no-alcohol beers should be served near freezing to.

Chilled – 3 to 5°C

Slightly above these, there comes the range of 3 – 5°C. There are many breed of blond and low carb beers/light beers. Yet again, the flavors of these drinks are not ideal when warmer, so you need to keep them below 10°C for as long as you can. It’s best to serve in original can or bottle from low in a commercial wine cooler from Koolmax.

Cold – 4 to 7°C

When it comes to 4 – 7°C; a lot of our favorite beers sit in this range, including those from many craft breweries that are springing up all over the USA. The newer breed of ciders, perhaps the best summer refresher available, is served colder than traditional ciders from the ‘West Country’. You can store it in beer cooler fridges and serve in original can or bottle or pour into glass or pot.

Cool – 7 to 11°C

7 to 11°C is the optimal temperature range if you want to enjoy the slightly warmer colored beers including amber ales, reds and American pale ale. Rich, full of flavor beers such as golden ales and fruit lambics are best cool as well as are some ‘light’ stouts and porters and a good number or European styles and imports like Bohemian pilsners, Dunkel (Dark), Schwarzbier (black beer) and Dortmunder/Helles types.

Cellar – 12 to 14°C

This temperature range is ideal to enjoy many of the darker, but not opaque, beers. There are several drinks including Pale ales, English bitters and milds that should not be drunk cold. Moreover, in this temperature range are the brown ales and the very bitter, but extremely aromatic India Pale Ales (IPA).

Warm – 14 to 16°C

When it comes to a dark beer such as a rich stout, Imperial stout or barley wine, it must kept in a cool storage larder or cupboard (or if lucky enough, a cellar). These types of beers often have flavors such as chocolate, coffee and honeycomb that are completely covered at low temperature and come to life when warmer.

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Beer Fridge & Wine Cooler – That’s What You Need For Your Bar

If you are passionate about beers, then you need to store them correctly. Due to certain chemical reactions, all beers will eventually go off, as it is accelerated by storing it at the wrong temperature and the wrong humidity. In such case, small beer fridges works out great.

Certainly, beer fridges are quite essential, especially when you want to store your alcoholic beverages to consume at a later date. These beer fridges are purposely designed to help you to store your beer correctly and imitate the conditions of a cool damp cellar.

beer fridge

There are several people asking “can’t I just store my beer in a domestic fridge?” the answer is “No & never” as your regular fridge has three main problems with it. First one is that, it is too cool to store your beer for at least a week, meaning that it will go off quickly and you can’t consume it then. Second thing is its humidity is inappropriate as it changes considerably depending on what is in your fridge and how you are going to use it. Actually, this is not such a problem for screw-top beers. And lastly, as you store many other items with strong smells and flavors, which eventually might contaminate your beverage.  For these reasons, beer fridges have become extremely popular over the last couple of years. These beer fridges & back bar coolers do have the advantage that they don’t have flavored and smelling foods stored in them, though they don’t typically come with racks inside them to ensure that wines and beers can accurately be stored at premium conditions.

Wine Cooler

When it comes to the wine cooler, here are some good reasons why you want to own one. With the wine bottle cooler, you will surely get the wine in just 5 minutes. At times, you aren’t being able to keep your alcoholic beverages in a cool area, and you must get it chilled instantly. Now this is the time when you badly need an instant commercial wine coolers. If you want wine bottle chiller for your home; just get your wine, stick it in and press a couple of buttons and there you go; you will have a perfectly chilled bottle of wine.

wine cooler

Wine coolers are tremendously useful in situations where the wine you intend to serve is not stored in a cool place. The instant wine cooler helps reduce the serving temperature of wine and brings it to a more pleasing and enjoyable drinking temperature.

Wine cooler works as an instant chiller for your alcoholic beverages. To place your wine bottles in the fridge, or freezer is an awful idea because different kinds of wine beverages need to be at specific temperatures in order to retain its rich flavor. In addition, putting them in the fridge or freezer may only create trouble for you. If you put it in freezer, the bottle cork is going to become cold, and probably break off as you try to take it out. Or, the bottle might crack while you try to pull it out too. Because of these two problems, your night might get ruined.

Things to Remember to Buy the Best Beer Fridge

Beer fridges are a necessary part of bars, pubs, restaurants etc. they are considered an important part because they have several purposes. The beer fridges are not just limited to storing drinks but they can also store food products. The best thing about these refrigerators is that they provide the most appropriate temperature for storing temperature. These cheap beer fridges in UK allow you to have access to chilled beer at all times. The snacks can also be stored along with your favorite drinks.

Buying the beer refrigerator is a smart decision because they have all the good features of a regular refrigerator and it can be fitted easily in the shop. The beer fridges are equipped with excellent features which makes them very energy efficient. These refrigerators are an excellent choice for commercial use. Choosing a Husky beer fridge is the task which requires a lot of consideration because the refrigerator you choose can impact your business both in negative or positive way.


back bar cooler

Here are certain steps that should be followed while buying the beer refrigerator:

Storage capacity:

Storage capacity is the most important factor that should be decided very carefully.  Always make sure that you know how many bottles the refrigerator can hold at a time because it is important to know if the capacity of the fridge is up to standards with your business. Majority of the beer fridges can hold the bottles from 6 to over 150 cans. Choose the refrigerators which match the requirements of the business.

Size of the fridges:

Beer fridges do not require a lot of space and it is a big advantage. These fridges can be placed anywhere and they do not look out of space or awkward. The size and capacity are related. The bigger the size of the beer fridge the bigger will be the capacity. The small sized fridges can be placed in small places but do keep in mind that the small sized refrigerators have small capacity as well.

Style of the beer fridges:

Aesthetics are an important factor in success of any business. The beer fridges can not only store your beer but can also make the shop look good especially the beer fridges with glass doors. There are several different types and designs of these fridges available in the market. There are blank front fridges, platinum fridges, stainless steel fridges etc.

back bar cooler


The mechanism for cooling:

The beer should be stored in the perfect temperature so choose a fridge which is especially designed to store it in the perfect temperature. It is important to choose the cooling mechanism which is able to function perfectly under heavy duty. The beer fridge should be able to function during hot and humid temperature.

Other important feature:

There are features which can be very helpful in running a smooth and efficient service. Some beer fridges are equipped with adjustable shelves. The adjustable shelves allow you to store beer bottles and cans of different sizes. The feature of lock and key is also very useful for commercial use. Internal LED lighting is very useful because it illuminates the interior of the beer fridge showing all of the beer collection.

Price of the beer fridge:

Your budget is a pivotal thing while buying the beer fridge. The price varies from fridge to fridge and it does not necessarily mean that cheaper ridges will lack features. You just have to find the right one for you. Visit the Koolmax website to purchase the beer fridge & mini bar fridges for hotels at cheap price.

Tips Of Buying Best Beer Fridge

Beer fridges are very important part of any pub or bar services. We have used our experience in selecting excellent quality, competent and effective cheap beer refrigerator, which are designed for freezing the bottled beers and wine to the ideal serving temperature. Here, in this article we’ll discuss some of the tips for buying beer fridges;

Firstly, beer fridge should have an interior made up of metal. Because there are more chances of beer fridges to have more harmful impacts internally as compared to other types of fridges as we know that the bottles are really hard. In order to resist these impacts, the majority of the quality beer fridges have an interior made up of metal. All of our collections has features of dynamic aerated cooling systems for speedy bottle cooling and challenging environments.


Secondly, husky beer fridges should consist of shelves made up of chrome. Plastic shelves could be inexpensive as they could bend over due to the weight of the bottles, it could break easily, or its color could fade quickly. Usually chrome shelves are more rigid, they stay straight and don’t bend because they are tough and its color will never fade off. Thirdly, you should check the capacity of the beer fridge that how many 330-ml bottles you could store in it. Mostly single door beer fridges would hold up to 140-bottles, but some fridges are smaller in size and are able to store only 60 to 70 bottles.

There are different types of beer Fridges, the cold appliance that lays the foundations of all Man Caves. It’s very important that you choose the most suitable fridge, considering its looks, price and capacity. Usually a beer fridge is more about fun. This principle usually works when you enjoy throwing parties for your colleagues and friends. You also have the option to personalize your cooling device, so that it could create the exact mood that you want to have at the weekend party with friends. That’s why you should know the proper way of selecting the right and accurate beer cooling appliance for your home, from a reliable vendor or store that possesses appropriate features according to your needs.

beer fridges

You should purchase beer fridge & back bar cooler only from trust-worthy seller in United Kingdom, with a correct record of their reliable customer service and quick delivery. The chore of considering the correct vendor is not supposed to be a difficult process, you only have to compare the different stores and vendors that have proper track record of their reliability, consistency and are working professionally in the market. You could also get online records of different market leads, competitors and other important information about these stores and reliable vendors.

You could also check Testimonials and comparisons on different sites about services, reliability and performances of these vendors and stores, that are selling different models of the beer fridge. You should properly establish all your reasons for buying a beer fridge and Kegerators, as they are considered to be very important while making suitable choice among different brands and vendors.