How to Choose the Best Blast Chiller

The blast chillers bring freezing and chilling the meal products right away. This makes the meals products go longer as the temperature of the meals products is lowered right away and the increase of bacteria could be prevented by reducing the temperature rapidly. The commercial blast chillers are incredibly useful for in commercial kitchens. It enhances the lifespan of the meal products and that is perfect for preserving the foodstuff products.

Before acquiring the blast chiller for one’s place, there are specific factors that ought to be considered such as size in the blast chiller as well as the type in the blast chiller. There are a variety of blast chillers available in the market such as under counter appliance, counter model, reach-in chiller and roll in the chiller. The location with the compressor should likewise be considered.

Here are two from the blast chillers to select from:

Tefcold BLC5 5:


This blast chiller is fully automatic appliance and possesses fan assisted cooling. The feet with the freezer are adjustable making it easier to move when asked. It features digital controller plus a temperature display.

It provides you with replaceable door gaskets and also carries a temperature probe. It has four pre-settable programs and yes it accepts 1/1 gastro norm plus the pans on the blast chiller are 60×40 Euronorm. The door on the blast chiller is self-closing.

The external dimensions with the blast chiller are 995 x 800 x 815 mm (H x W x D). The max ambient temperature with the chiller is 18 C to 38 % RH. The external along with the internal finish from the chiller consist of stainless steel.

The temperature range in the chiller is +70 to -18 C. The number of shelves found here is five. The refrigerant employed in the chiller is R404a as well as the net weight from the chiller is 120 kg. It has the feature of auto defrost. It can freeze 12 kg within 240 minutes.

Polar DN493:


This blast chiller includes a single solid door made up of stainless. The door from the blast chiller is self-closing and maximum ambient temperature is 38 C. The dimensions on the blast chiller are 995(h) x 800(w) x 815(d) mm.

The internal and also the external finish with the blast chiller consists of stainless steel. The refrigerant used is R404a. It has five shelves which may have GN 1/1 capacity. This is an upright chiller even so the net weight from the chiller is 116 kg. The temperature range in the blast freezers & chiller is 70 to -18°C. It can chill 18 kg of food in 90 mins and 14 kg food in 240 minutes.

Making a sensible choice:

The blast chillers are available in very handy for commercial use. There is an extensive number of blast chillers and many of them feature same specifications. The above-mentioned blast chillers have same features but certain things increase the risk for Tefcold blast chiller jumps out.

The tefcold chiller is fully automatic so that it is very easy and simple to use. it’s replaceable door gaskets and carries a digital controller.

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An Adviser for Blast Chillers


Blast chillers have grown to be an important part in the food business. The main reason behind the buzz of these simply because makes the business better.

Function of blast chillers:

The commercial blast chillers bring quickly cooling the meals. The temperature of the food products is decreased from 160 F to 38 F within 90 minutes. This ends up with increasing the shelf life from the food products since it reduces the quantity of which meals are in danger zone. It limits the bacteria growth and your meals are kept safe and fresh for a very long period of time.

The chilling methods used:

The chilling method which is often used in the chiller forms the microcrystals on the foodstuff products. It does not utilize method of evaporating the moisture given it can cause your food to dehydrate. The quality of the food is retained throughout the arresting of cooking cycle. Most of the food products may be saved for as much as five days with the aid of blast chiller.

Blast Chillers Are High In Demand

Capacities of blast chillers:

There is undoubtedly an extensive selection of blast chillers in terms of the capacities from the chillers. The range of the capacities starts from 30 pounds and 1,300 pounds. You can pick from the reach-in chillers as well as the roll-in chillers.

Important features with the chillers:

The blast chillers have really large compressors. It has either self-contained condensing units or remote condensing units. There are some blast chillers which may have built-in electric defrost which supports in getting rid of the condensation which can form within the condenser coils. There is also some features which have new and latest technologies like control boards that make it easy to utilise the blast chillers.

Common applications in the blast chillers:


The Infrico Blast chillers are typically used by your food business owners as a crucial part of cook-chill production. The chillers can also be suitable for a few more applications likewise.

They double for chilling the salad plates ahead of the salad has served.

The chillers double for chilling the wines and beers.

You can also make use of the chiller setting the desserts with gelatin given that the air isn’t going to blow directly about the dessert. It can chill the gelatin desserts rapidly.

Specific consideration:

Before deciding on the size from the chiller you must determine the volume of the food. The pans which can be used as chiller are 2-inch deep pans. These pans may be used for supporting to 10 pounds of food items. If you fail to select the perfect size the idea can cost you acquiring money.

Always know about all the specifications from the blast chillers you may choose from under counter, countertop and standalone chillers.

The menu ought to be decided so that it is suited to the blast chillers. A gradual chill process is quite suitable delicate food. The meat along with other products with meat can endure hard chill. The hard chill is effective in reducing the temperature in the food real quickly.

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Blast Chillers Are High In Demand

If you are running a food-related or catering business, then you can’t forget to have good quality commercial refrigeration equipment’s. Certainly, commercial fridges, freezers, blast chillers are essential in order to store food, drinks and beverages at the correct temperature and avoid contamination or prevent the food from spoiling.

There is innumerable variety of commercial refrigeration equipment’s available in the market these days and the choice you will make is entirely dependent upon your needs, the size of your business, and the location of the appliance; where you want to place the equipment. For-instance, blast chillers, freezers and fridges are typically placed within commercial kitchens or put nearby for easy access.

Blast chillers are extremely popular among catering companies these days. It is due to the fact that cooling food instantly at low temperature prevents bacterial growth. They allow these businesses to deliver quality services to customers. Almost every customer wants cool drinks and foods and this have made these appliances very popular in the cafes, restaurants, offices and shopping malls as well. Or you can say that any business that wants to deliver quality services must have such refrigeration equipment’s.

A blast chiller displayed in a bar, pub, restaurant or cafe can act as an attraction to customers and ultimately helps in increasing sales. It’s a fact, indeed, that people want to buy drinks that have a tempting display since they depict how organized your business is. The strategic positioning of these products can make a business stand unique among others. This is extremely significant considering that many customers are normally attracted by proper organization in a bar or restaurant. Therefore, if you really want to perk up your sales, you should invest in good coolers and chillers.

blast chiller

When it comes to buying refrigeration equipment’s for your outlet, you can easily find some of the leading manufacturers in your area that offer a wide selection of blast chillers, fridges, dairy cabinets, chilled counters, display fridges and many more to choose from. There are some suppliers that offer lockable and shuttered multidecks or dairy cabinets that are also useful for storing alcoholic beverages that have sales restrictions imposed for the certain period of time.

If you are looking to buy a blast chiller, you first need to know what style you actually want and what will work better for you by keeping in mind your storage needs. In fact, there are some trade-offs to each type of fridge while choosing such as price, convenience it offers, storage capacity, energy efficiency and installation.

There are several manufacturers that offer an incredible range of blast chillers with varying choice in dimensions, styles and specifications to choose from.  Be assured that you are buying a consistent and attractive product to complement any business layout. Always choose an expert supplier who will help you decide which type of equipment suits your need and budget. And also give you an expert advice regarding maintenance, use and cleaning of the appliance. Then, what are you waiting for? Choose as per your business preferences!

Working Principle of and Advantages of Blast Chiller

A blast chiller is a freezer which is used for preserving the food at very low temperature. They can reduce the temperature of the food preventing any chance of bacterial growth. A blast chiller is also known as a shock freezer.  If the food is kept at normal temperature then the bacterial growth can occur rapidly. The food can be spoiled and become unsafe. The microorganisms cannot live in low temperatures which makes the blast chillers an excellent appliance to have.

The commercial kitchens use these chillers in order to store meat, dairy products, left over, cooked meals etc. These commercial blast chillers are used commonly in restaurants, catering places, bakeries, hotels etc.

A blast freezer can reduce the temperature of the food from +70 C to -18 C in just four hours. There is a wide range of blast chillers in the market. They are available with different energy savings, auto defrost and modes for noise reduction.

Working principle of blast chillers:

In regular refrigerators the water present inside the fridge crystallizes as the food gets frozen. The crystals that are formed inside the food are big in size. The blast freezer has rapid freezing and this results in formation of crystals which are small in size. If the crystals formed are big in size it can rupture the cells of the preserved food products. This can affect the texture and the taste of the food products. The blast freezers have blowers which pass the chilled air on the food rapidly thus decreasing its temperature rapidly. These chillers are equipped with trays which are movable and can be adjusted accordingly.

blast chiller

It is important to remember that high volume of the hot food is not chilled in this appliance because it can increase the temperature of the freezer. If the freezer is overstocked then the air circulating can be hindered and the chiller will not be able to increase the temperature evenly and efficiently.  The cold air which is pumped by the cooling coils has to cool the stagnant air as well as the food. This is the reason that the regular commercial refrigerators take more time in order to decrease the temperature.

This chiller always has large space between the trays. The cold is pumped continuously with the help of fans which are present behind the racks.

A blast freezer has different chilling modes like:

  • Soft chill: it reduces the food temperature to +3 C.
  • Hard chill: the food temperature is reduced to -15 C. it is very suitable for food products with high fat content.
  • Shock freezer: it can reduce the food temperature to -18 C in just four hours.

Benefits of blast chillers:

  • It can preserve the texture, color, flavor and the nutritional value of the food products. Blast Chiller of SinCold can preserve all these qualities by decreasing the temperature rapidly.
  • It can save the delicate preparations like the fruit extracts, soufflés or pasta from being dehydrated. The physical appearance can be preserved as well.
  • Prevention of microorganism’s growth ensure food safety.
  • The chances of food contamination is very low because it has separate compartments for food preservation.
  • It helps in reducing the food wastage.