How to Develop a Cuture of Food Safety In Your Restaurant

The world food exchange is worth practically $400 Billion. Fortunately for us, we live in a period with a portion of the best records for food security. Gone are where there is no refrigeration, canning, or safeguarding. What’s more, the contaminated of food is uncommon in light of the fact that the enactment required with all aspects of food generation guarantees there are stringent controls to keep all of us safe. However, how do food makers guarantee food is provided to us securely from the underlying crude materials completely through to the item we get on our store racks?

US has one of the most secure food frameworks on the planet because of crafted by the Food and Drug Administration and the enactment, in any case, there are still issues with food wellbeing.

We as a whole acknowledge how critical that the food we get ready in our homes is sheltered, guaranteeing essential cleanliness and great practice when cooking and getting ready food. We need to believe the exclusive requirements we utilize are coordinated or bettered by the providers of the food we get ready. In the USA, there are around 5,000 passing for each year from food harming, which compares to 13 individuals for every day who bite the dust because of food borne infections or different difficulties.

  • Temperature checks: Every cluster of a temperature-controlled item, for example, drain, will be checked to make certain it lands at the industrial facility inside a worthy temperature extend and that it has been kept up at this temperature amid the transportation procedure. You should deploy catering freezers for this purpose.
  • Microbiological checks: This is done to ensure that microbes’ levels are not unsafe inside the item or crude materials.
  • PH checks: pH checks are performed to guarantee that the item has the right causticity or alkalinity.
  • Weight checks: Weight checks are done to influence certain items to meet the required weight before dispatch.
  • Chemical checks: All food items must experience this check to make preparations for concoction tainting.
  • Metal checks: Metal checks prepare for pollution by metals. This is normally done at the pressing stage, utilizing a metal finder.
  • Organoleptic checks: Organoleptic checks are performed to check flavour, surface, and smell by examining the food item.

There are a substantial number of administrative necessities related with the produce of foods for open utilization. These activities expect makers to keep up safe frameworks and to keep up viable record-keeping to guarantee that gauges are by and large adequately kept up. These records incorporate each part of the assembling, stockpiling, and strategic process from source to the end client, including temperature recording for materials all through the procedure, the aftereffects of all research facility results, and item life information. Commercial equipment will help you to maintain all these equities. For this purpose you may also look for commercial fridge for sale.

Putting away and overseeing such an amount of information would be unthinkable without the product frameworks to deal with the procedure; however this takes into consideration successful administration of food wellbeing procedures and answering to permitting and administrative bodies.

The energy of ERP frameworks enables food makers to deal with their procedures and food security flawlessly guaranteeing that the following food item you select is protected.


Factors to Consider While Buying Single Door Catering Freezers

The catering freezers are a vital part of catering business as the food is the center of catering business and freezers are required for storing the food. The catering freezers are designed to have really low temperature range which allows it to prevent any bacterial growth which may spoil the food. With the help of catering freezers, you can easily store large bulks of food products for long periods of time.

The single door catering freezers are an excellent choice for commercial use as they provide you with a generous storage space while occupying little space. They may be tall but they are not very wide which makes them more suitable to be placed in commercial kitchens which do not have the ability of large spaces.

Important factors to consider:

There are certain important factors that must be addressed before you choose your single door catering freezer.

Choosing the capacity:

You may thing that the single door catering fridge & freezer may not be able to fulfill the needs of your business but there is an extensive range of capacity when it comes to single door freezers. They may not be wide but they are tall and are equipped with several shelves which provides it with a generous capacity.

catering freezer (3)

Variety of single door freezers:

After you are certain about the capacity that is required by your business, you need to decide what type of single door freezer do you need. You can buy the upright freezer which has an excellent range of capacity. If you wish to store large amount of food products, then the upright freezers are a good choice for you because they can have a pretty generous capacity.

If you are looking for a single door freezer with less capacity, then you can also choose the under counter freezer. They can be placed under the counter, in the already existing cabinets. The under counter freezers will help you in optimization of space as well as the will be placed under the counter. The door of the single door freezers is hinged so you have to keep in mind while placing the freezer anywhere. Make sure that its door has enough space to open.

There are also counter single door freezer which can be placed on the counter.

Glass door or solid door:

The single door catering freezers can be bought with a solid door as well as glass door. if you are buying the refrigerator just for the storage purposes then the solid door freezers will do the job for you. The glass door freezers are an excellent choice when it comes to storing the food products as well as displaying them. The glass door freezers from Koolmax are made very energy efficient so you can choose them for just storage purpose as well.

catering freezer

There are several benefits of glass door. You can see the products without opening the door, which helps in making the freezer more energy efficient.

Other features to look for:

While buying the single door catering freezer always take a very close look at all of the features that it has to offer. Features like digital controller, temperature display, castors, self-closing door and adjustable shelves are very important in increasing the efficiency of the appliance.

Comparing Foster 150 Ltr & Blizzard 170 Ltr under Counter Freezer

Are you looking for an under counter freezer for your retail outlet or convenience store, then you don’t need to worry at all! Here in this article, we will discuss about the detailed design and specs of both Foster 150 Ltr under counter freezer & Blizzard 170 Ltr Single Door under Counter Freezer, so you can make a better buying decision ever.

Foster 150 Ltr Under Counter Freezer LR150

This under counter freezer offered by Foster is an amazing product featuring a storage capacity of 150 liters.  This under counter freezer has an outer dimension of 830 x 605 x 640 mm (HxWxD). The price of Foster’s under counter freezer is £703.

Foster Under Counter Freezer Specs Sheet

  • Compact under counter freezer – with heavy, high performance freezing system, ideal for a commercial kitchen
  • 150 Litre / 5.3cu.ft
  • Front breathing freezer system, suitable for use even in enclosed areas
  • Easy to use microprocessor control with digital display on the front for easy visual reference
  • Stainless steel exterior as standard with aluminum interior
  • Roller castors to rear for ease of movement
  • Door lock for security

catering freezer

It has a temperature range of -18ºC to -21ºC.

KoolMax Group’s Blizzard 170 Ltr Single Door Under Counter Freezer: L200WH

This Under Counter Single Glass Door Freezer offered by Blizzard features a storage capacity of 170 liters with an outer dimension of 832 x 593 x 620  mm (HxWxD).

Blizzard’s Under Counter Freezer Specs Sheet

  • Fitted Lock as standard with a pair of keys to prevent the any theft and to ensure a safe storage of your products
  • Abs interior
  • Reversible door
  • Replaceable gasket
  • Static cooling
  • Manual defrost
  • Dixell blueline controller
  • 2 supplied shelves
  • 13 amp electrical connection

KoolMax Group’s Blizzard 170 Ltr Under Counter Single Glass Door Fridge operates at a temperature range of -18 / -24C and contains R600A refrigerant. It offers a power consumption of 2 kW/24hr and has a net weight of 57 kg. The price of this freezer is £358.79.

under counter freezer


So, when we compared Foster’s Under Counter Freezer with Blizzard’s Single Door under Counter Freezer we found out several major differences in specifications such as storage capacity and price. Foster’s Under Counter Freezer offers storage capacity of 150 liters and Blizzard under counter fridge offers 170 liters at a price of £703 and £358.79 respectively. Moreover, Foster under Counter Freezer contains Stainless steel exterior as standard with aluminum interior and Blizzard under Counter Single Glass Door Fridge has Abs interior. Moreover, Blizzard’s under counter freezer features Dixell blueline controller, which is not available in the Foster’s under counter freezer. Both suppliers offer 2 years full service parts warranty to their customers. Then, what are you waiting for? Go ahead with your purchase today!

Tips To Maintain A Catering Freezer

When it comes to the catering freezer, it is typically one of the most used appliances in the food-related industry, as commercial kitchen is incomplete without it. However, most of the freezers ultimately fails and people really don’t know the reason behind this. Actually, the reason is quite obvious, which is the lack of proper care and maintenance of new catering freezer.

Read The Instructions Carefully

While buying a new catering freezer, people should read all the instructions carefully, which are given in the attached booklet that comes with all new kitchen appliances. By doing so, you will able to keep the freezer in the best possible condition. And as we all know, that a new freezer is really a costly item to buy and a lot of people really shell out their full salaries to afford the one. That’s why it is really a crucial matter to take a look at.

Put The Catering Freezer In Dry Place

The first and the foremost thing that you need to consider is to simply keep the freezer in a dry place. It should also be placed away from any heat sources like heating vents and never ever place it in direct sunlight. If the door is not opening well, then you should check the proper level of the equipment on the ground, so that there is nothing under it that could tilt it in a rough position.

catering freezer

Don’t Leave The Freezer Door Open For Long

You have to avoid leaving the freezer door open for long periods of time, while using it. Once the door is open, the cold air from freezer instantly comes out, and then for the purpose of refilling the cold air, the gadget has to work two times harder just to get the temperature down to the previous level. It all depends on the freezer usage; that you are either more comfortable with buying a top down or under counter freezer model. The top down freezer model is considered to be a good choice if you have to open the freezer door frequently for taking out the frozen foods.

Avoid Overstocking

Try to avoid overstocking at all costs, because this will definitely diminish the freezer efficiency and doesn’t cool the food properly. So, whenever you notice that the temperature of the catering fridge is reducing, just check the number of items you have stored in your fridge. Always try to keep it either half or three quarters full for obtaining the most favorable results.

Moreover, when it comes to buying a catering freezer, never ever compromise on the ranking of the supplier. Always, choose a reputable catering equipment supplier who can help you select the Atosa catering freezer for your food business. Always check the size, type, model, and pricing before finalizing the purchase. No doubt, there are some suppliers who are fair in charging their clients, particularly when you pay in cash. Try to look for the manufacturer’s labor and parts warranty.

Catering Counter Freezers

The success of any business depends upon its ability to cope with the growing demand of its clients. Catering business is also no different. In order to keep up with the expanding business it is always necessary to keep upgrading the equipment required for the business.

Commercial Catering Freezer come very handy in this business. They are designed very carefully with an incredible counter storage space. This space allows you to store your food at the right temperature before utilizing it. The counter on majority of the models is made up of stainless steel making it ideal for preparation of most types of food.  Catering counter freezers are also very suitable for small places as it saves a lot space. It holds both features of cooking and storing food.

catering freezer

They are very commonly used in restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, pubs, bakeries. Whether you have small kitchen or a large one this is a vital accessory that comes in very handy in the business.

We offer the best and extensive collection of these freezers. If you take some time to scroll through our collection of these catering equipment’s you will not be disappointed. We have designed our collection with a lot of thought. The unique demands of different types of businesses have been kept in mind while fabricating this range of products.

There are different types of catering counter freezers including one door, double door, heavy duty commercial ones and also light medium duty commercial ones. Our broad range covers all of these types. Whether your demand is of large size freezer which has a large capacity for food storage or you want to buy the product for a small business. Our carefully crafted collection will be able to satisfy your demands. You can choose a model that fits perfectly into your space.

catering freezer (3)


Our range of products is architected to fulfill all the needs of the customers.

We care a lot about our customers and we never let their investment go to waste. We make sure that they pay for the best possible product. This is the reason that our collection only comprises of the best and top brands like Blizzard, Tefcold, Igloo, Foster etc. our ranger offers the customers the best product available in the market. We, at KoolMax consider this our primary responsibility to make our customer feel satisfied and happy. We never let our customer’s investment go to waste.

We not only offer them the products of superior quality but also help them in making the best choice while buying the product. Our broad collection of products can overwhelm the customers and they may not be able to choose the best and perfect match to their demands and budget. But we do not let our customer get stressed. We provide them with simple and easy guide lines. These guide lines assist them in choosing the perfect product for their business. Also look for Catering Fridges from Koolmax.

Commercial Catering Freezers – A Must Have!

Do you have a catering business? Then, you might perfectly understand the importance of having right refrigeration equipment’s such as catering freezers for your outlet and it also believes to be an important factor in determining the level of success that you achieve.

Starting from the basic equipment to the complex one, they all matter and it’s vital to invest on the quality equipment for your striving business. As we all know, a display is everything, when it comes to sales. It is what appeals customers to your products and eventually it demands creativity rather than simply putting your items on shelves. Moreover, it is also crucial to put into consideration the nature of preservation that your product requires. Why not you just go for catering freezers in order to get a perfect display without compromising on the storage standards and preservation?


These Commercial  Catering  Freezers come with dual-nature functioning that make it convenient and value for money. Whether you opt for chest catering freezer or an upright catering freezer, what matters most is how the job gets done. Your ultimate goal should be to get the quality equipment that offers great storage capacity, low-electricity consumption and one that looks attractive too. There are so many brands available in the market that really have stood-out when it comes to quality catering display freezers such as ARNEG, HUSKY, Scancool and INTERLEVIN.

When you count your catering business assets, don’t forget to count carefully designed and reliable freezers. Catering freezers goes beyond storage and preservation – an aesthetic value with a great display. These freezers offer variety in terms of colors and design, but it can be sound to get a single large capacity freezer with multi-purpose capabilities. You can choose from curved glass or straight glass catering freezers, from open top or multideck freezers. All these storage units are great in terms of storage capacity, energy consumption and robust enough to tolerate the routine tear n wear.


There are various models of catering freezer available in the market these days. You just need to choose the best as per your outlet’s requirement as it is necessary to keep food stuffs at exactly the right temperature. Apart from commercial catering freezers Catering Equipment’s come in stainless steel exterior finish and hammered aluminum interior with varying adjustable shelves (depends on the freezer’s size), lockable with auto return doors, LED digital temperature display, rear castors for light to medium duty commercial kitchen and catering environments.

Commercial Fridge – Basic Need of your Business

Refrigerators are available in various models, sizes and shapes in recognition of the fact that different businesses have different needs and that various enterprises differ in the amount of space they have to spare. Visit Koolmax to buy drinks fridges with glass door.

A Commercial Fridge is an independent standalone refrigerator used by businesses dealing with sale or supply of perishables and/or beverages. Refrigerators are used for many activities. Their main role, however, is to keep the contents in there below room temperatures or at preset temperatures. These fridges are available in different sizes, shapes and models. Some of these include the following;

  • Catering Fridge – These are mainly used in small and medium size restaurants to store perishables such as milk, vegetables or even food.
  • Glass Door Fridges -These are mostly used to store items that are on display but yet required to stay cool. These include ice creams, yoghurts, or other soft drinks. These fridges are also used by small to medium enterprises.
  • Multi-Deck Fridges- These are mainly tall fridges with multiple decks inside that allow for storage of many small-sized items. Because of their large size, they allow for placing of several elements.

Commercial Catering Freezers 2Therefore, a favorite of enterprises that deal with fast moving things. They are also used by firms that deal not necessarily fast moving but commodities that require a display.

Advantages of using Fridges

Fridges have a wide of array to the users some of which include the following:

  • Fridges are used for the storage of commodities to maintain their freshness and prolong their useful life.
  • They also keep items cold and a low temps, at this level of neutrality and maintain their crisp.
  • Fridge does also help preserve cooked foods and prevent them from going bad for a long time. This is especially important with restaurants that not only have to keep foods ready, but also in a fresh state. A fridge comes in handy when all that’s needed after ordering is just warming it up.
  • Another primary reason for having commercial fridges in business is that they come in different sizes and shapes. A proprietor thus only has to choose the one that will adequately compliment space they have available.

back-bar-double-glass-hinged-door-under-counter-beer-fridge-coolerThe safety of the commodities in the refrigerator is guaranteed as most of these are made of a stainless material. The manufacturer also ensures the materials can withstand even the coolest temperatures for a long time.

Different Fridge sizes and makes

  • Refrigerators are available in various models, sizes and shapes in recognition of the fact that different businesses have different needs and that various enterprises differ in the amount of space they have to spare:
  • Reach –in fridges – These are tall and upright fridges that come in the model of either an opaque door or a glass door. They are usually available as per size requirements of the proprietor. They may also be either multiple decked or hollow.
  • Under counter fridges-These are usually small in size and mainly used by small business. They serve as both a sales counter and a refrigerator.

These are just but a few of the many models available for commercial fridges. There is no reason for your business not to have a refrigerator given their low cost. Many suppliers are also willing to meet the buyer halfway by providing lease agreements or selling on hire purchase.

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The Best Display Freezer for your Catering Business

Having all the necessary equipment to run your catering business is very important in determining the level of success that you achieve. From the most basic of equipment to the very complex ones, they all matter, and investing in the quality equipment is very necessary for your business to thrive.

A display is everything when it comes to sales. It is what attracts customers to your products. It demands creativity, and it goes beyond simply placing what you offer in an organized manner. It is important to put into consideration the nature of preservation that your product requires. Proper display without compromise on the standards of storage and preservation is why you need to get yourself a Catering  Freezer.

Catering Display Freezer

The dual nature of the function of the Atosa Catering Counter Freezers make it convenient and value for your money. Whether you opt for a straight display or an upright display what matters most is getting the job done. The goal should be to get a quality display that offers great storage capacity, low electricity consumption and one that is appealing to the eyes.

There is diversity in the catering business and the kind of catering display refrigerator that you opt for should be the appropriate one for what you intend for it. Be it an ice cream display refrigerator or a pastries display refrigerator, there are so many brands available in the market to choose from. Quality matters and some of the brands that have stood out when it comes to quality Catering Display Freezers are such as Samsung and Foster.

Catering Display Freezer

The carefully designed and well-crafted freezers are a must- have when you count your assets in the catering business. When it comes to display fridges, it goes beyond storage and preservation. There is an aesthetic value that comes with a great display. You can opt for a variety in terms of color and design, but it can be more logical to get a single large capacity freezer that is multi-purpose. Curved glass or straight glass Catering Counter Freezers are just one of the many varieties available. There are so many alternatives to choose from, an open top freezer or multi-deck freezers. All this can be great in terms of a large storage capacity, and what matters most is getting the job done.

Regardless of what it is intended for, a drinks freezer with glass door must add value to the overall appeal of the theme of your business. It is more or less like, and artifact that is also very necessary and resourceful, and you cannot do without it.

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Choosing right Commercial Catering Freezer for your Business

With many Commercial Catering Freezer in the market today, you may find it difficult to choose the one that suits your business needs. Choosing the Commercial Catering Freezer can help you with your food and beverage business in the long run. In general, the best commercial refrigerator should be versatile and robust. But this is not all about the best freezer. There are a number of factors you have to consider when buying the right Catering Freezer. Keep reading to learn about these factors.


The type of catering freezer

Consider how you will need to access the freezer interior to choose the right type. There are one, two and three door fridges. A freezer with more than one door is the best for a catering business. It is easy to access your items from this freezer. Consider also the food and beverage items you plan to store in the fridge. Some refrigerators are designed for specific items. Choose from chest freezers or walk-in freezers if you have many items to store.

The size of commercial freezer

You will consider the space available in your business to choose the right size. You will also consider the amount of food and beverage items you are planning to store at a given time. If you have space to spare and want to store large amounts of items, choose a large-sized freezer. Small fridges have fewer shelves and therefore not spacious enough for your commercial kitchen items.

Digital applications and other accessories

With everything going digital nowadays, you want to avoid analogue equipment in your commercial kitchen. Most refrigerators come with digital components. For example, they have programmable displays that provide amazing benefits. Choose Tefcold Freezer to improve efficiency in your food store. With a digital freezer, you will be able to monitor and adjust temperature and other variables without opening the fridge.

Sanitary benefits

Sanitation is a sensitive issue in the food industry. Health inspectors recommend the use of easy-to-clean and safe kitchen equipment. Choose a Catering Counter Freezer made of stainless steel. This material has many sanitary benefits. It is easy to clean shelves and door gaskets made of stainless steel. Avoid freezers made of materials that rust and deteriorate easily.


Choose a refrigerator brand that offers a long warranty. You don’t want to buy another freezer after a few months. Buy your freezer from a company that offers at least 3 years warranty. Some companies offer warranties on fridge parts like compressor and fan. Choose your Catering Freezer from these companies to ensure you are well covered for a number of years. This is a great way to cut down the cost of running your business.

Commercial Catering Freezers


Since you want to minimize your business expenses, it is important to take into consideration the cost of freezer you want to buy. Choose a catering fridge that suits your budget. Some refrigerators have high running costs. So select a freezer with less maintenance and operation costs. But be careful not buy a low quality freezer in the name of saving money. Choose the right freezer considering your budget and the above factors.

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