How To Choose A Right Compact Refrigerator?

Running a bar, pub café or restaurant and looking for a compact refrigerator for your small spaces? Then, beer fridges are the perfect option to go for! This unit is a very convenient appliance and is ideal when you have limited space in your outlet. Also, they are easily move able and consume less energy as compared to full sized models. With a lot of models available, it seems quite overwhelming to choose the right one. Here are some of the important things to consider while choosing beer fridges;


The first and the foremost thing you need to know before buying cheapest chest freezer is that you have two options; either a unit with freezer or without freezer. The unit without freezer is typically smaller and often used to store chilled drinks. It seems to be an ideal choice not only because it can be adjusted in limited space but also energy-efficient. However, when it comes to store perishable food and beverages, compact freezer with freezer will really come in handy. It enables you to store everything from a few ice trays to frozen meals and a lot more. It just depends on the model you are buying. Compact fridges with freezers come with side by side doors and they are somewhat bigger so that you can store more products at a time.


Now another thing that matters a lot is that where you want to put your compact fridge. This is one of the most critical factors that will ultimately determine which model is best to pick.  These beer fridges are the perfect solution for the busiest bars and pubs looking to chill and display a large amount of bottled beverages ensuing efficient customer service at peak hours. That’s quite of an attractive and appealing way to draw customers to buy your chilled beverages without compromising the efficiency of the freezer. Its modish look coupled with the low price makes it not only attractive visually but also financially. 

What will you be storing?

The next important thing you need to consider before buying compact fridge is that what items you will be storing. This eventually helps you to narrow down options instantly. For-instance if you want to store chilled beers and drinks along with some staple food items then, beer fridges is an ideal option to pick. If you are catering wine drinkers, then there are special compact fridges or wine coolers with glass doors to choose from. These fridges also have particular temperature and humidity control functions that ensure wine is stored in premium conditions.

KoolMax offers a selection of beer fridges including pub bar bottle fridges, wine coolers, bottle wells, back bar counters, upright tall bar beer fridges, ice machines, glass frosters especially designed as per the latest refrigeration industry standards. We have the top selling products of all times, available in various styles, dimensions and specification to choose from. Just say goodbye to lack of space equipment’s at the front-of-house. With manufacturers such as ARNEG, HUSKY, INTERLEVIN and SCAN and a full parts/labor warranty included you will always feel serenity with these astonishing commercial beer fridges.

Upright Freezer Commercial and Chest Freezer: Benefits & Attributes

Upright Freezers


An upright display freezer means ‘a machine, which can be particularly useful for displaying foodstuffs to the audience, whether it’s a retail store, supermarket, convenience store or maybe a restaurant or cafeteria. As the meals can be displayed inside a freezer having a glass door, it truly is typically shielded from viewers in order to avoid any form of physical hitting the ground with the food to help keep it hygienic.

Besides, available space is definitely a primary concern when attempting to put in order design of a shop or even a café, along with a Slimline version often supplies a striking, alluring and lastly a practical display option. These upright freezers are fantastic for any place that draws the eye  of customers. This display refrigerator can be an advantage that an everyday buyer is going to be grateful for.

Certainly, a fashionable upright display freezer is usually a last minute purchase possibility that almost any store can install to raise product sales. Although in the event, you  are using a small store, then you certainly might need to go with mini display fridge. There are several manufacturers that provide a variety of upright freezers that eventually helps with enhancing your product display through providing extra visibility and adding some style simultaneously. No matter what you wish to display; whether it’s fresh meat, sandwiches, along with other convenience foods, upright display freezers include the perfect choice to opt for! Then, what exactly are you looking forward to? Choose the one who best compliments your small business design and layout!

Chest Freezers


A chest freezer is probably the most convenient products you can find today and it may even save some costs in the long-run. Chest freezer gives you ample space to adopt advantage of storing bulks of meat, to freeze seasonal berries and jams, with the daily perishable items and produce ahead meals.

Chest freezers offer many perks to the user about price, storage capacity as well as. The chest freezer uk is easily the most economical freezer you can find today. In essence, every inch from the chest freezer is usable-storage. There are certain chest freezers available for purchase that consist of automatic-defrost or frost-free options. The ones with manual defrost option takes almost per day to accomplish the project.

These chest freezers have built-in sidewall insulation to hold on to their cold temperatures well for a longer time period and therefore use least-energy to operate. Most importantly, should you be facing power outages or maybe you are moving to a different house, an unplugged chest freezer will keep the products cold for up to 3 days, provided that the lid is closed.

In contrast to your automatic chest freezers, manual ones generally have longer life cycles than upright units.

When it comes to your convenience of Interlevin freezers, they are offered with a minimum of one wore-basket as a way to organize the information perfectly. With the help of cardboard boxes, it is possible to separate out several types of food contents. Though, chest freezers have to have a lot of bending and moving frozen foods to get towards the required item. But you don’t need to be concerned at all! There are various chest freezer models you can purchase that comes using a bottom drawer, that’s accessible from outside in the freezer. But provided that it adds some convenience to some chest freezer, it will reduce some capacity.

Comparing Glacial & Arcaboa’s Glass Lid Chest Freezers

Are you looking for a glass lid chest freezer for your retail outlet or convenience store, then you don’t need to worry at all! Here in this article, we will discuss about the detailed design and specs of Glacial Glass Lid Chest Freezer & KoolMax Group’s Arcaboa Sliding Curved Glass Lid Chest Freezer ACL320 in order to make a best buying decision ever.

Glacial Glass Lid Chest Freezer (CS-0174)

This glass lid chest freezer offered by Glacial is an amazing product featuring a storage capacity of 235 liters.  This chest freezer has an outer dimension of 840 x 1073 x 596 mm (HxWxD).

CED Specs Sheet

  • 33 Cu Ft/235 Ltr
  • 2 Sliding Glass Lids
  • Castors Supplied
  • Serve Over
  • Manual Defrost
  • Refrigerant R134a
  • 13 amp electrical connection
  • 1 year warranty

Glacial Glass Lid Chest Freezer CS-0174 come with 2 sliding lids and has a fitted lock with a pair of keys to prevent the any theft and to ensure a safe storage of your products. It has a temperature range of – 17ºC to -24ºC, available in white color.

Arcaboa 290 Ltr Sliding Curved Glass Lid Chest Freezer ACL320

KoolMax Group’s sliding curved glass lid chest freezer ACL320 offered by Arcaboa is a fully automatic appliance featuring a storage capacity of 290 liters.  This curved glass lid chest freezer has an outer dimension of 890 x 1103 x 600 mm (HxWxD).

solid lid chest freezer

Arcaboa Sliding Curved Glass Lid Chest Freezer ACL320 Specs Sheet

  • Curved glass sliding lids
  • Static cooling
  • 4 supplied baskets
  • White external & internal finish
  • Fitted castors as standard
  • Temperature display
  • Defrost drain
  • 13 amp electrical connection

Arcaboa Sliding Curved Glass Lid Chest Freezer operates at a temperature range of -18/-22°C and contains R134a refrigerant. It offers a power consumption of 1.80 kW/24hr and has a net weight of 52kg. This commercial chest freezer in UK works at an ambient temperature of 25°C at 60% RH.


So, we conclude it this way; as compared to Glacial Glass Lid Chest Freezer CS-0174, Arcaboa Sliding Curved Glass Lid Chest Freezer ACL320 one is much better. It’s because of several factors; storage capacity, temperature display and warranty. Glacial Glass Lid Chest Freezer offers storage capacity of 235 liters and Arcaboa Sliding Curved Glass Lid Chest Freezer 290 liters. Moreover, Arcaboa Sliding Curved Glass Lid Chest contains temperature display with 4 supplied baskets as standard. Moreover, Arcaboa’s sliding curved glass lid chest freezer is warranted for 2 Years by the manufacturer on behalf of KoolMax Group, first 12 months, Parts + Labor and Next 12 months Parts Only (Compressor & Thermostat only) as compared to Glacial Glass Lid Chest Freezer which is available with 1 year warranty. Then, what are you waiting for? Just choose as per your business preferences and go ahead with your purchase today!

Chest Freezer – The Most Preferable Appliance So Far

Running a convenience store, cafe, bar or restaurant, then you probably understand the importance of a chest freezer. For restaurant owners, no matter how appetizing their delicacies, the right cooking and storage equipment’s are necessary. A small chest freezer in UK is particularly designed for stocking frozen food products in huge quantities. If you are looking to buy a freezer to store frozen food for days, a chest freezer is all you need.

The regular cooking appliance is typically too small for a restaurant’s needs, and most likely won’t supply demand. Faulty commercial appliances can cause the same problem – a product that doesn’t work right can ruin inventory, limiting your daily output and preventing sales. When it comes to a chest freezer, it’s an important part of the set up of any cafe or restaurant and help companies to store their products for a long period of time without having a taste change. In addition to being great to look at, a chest freezer should be fit for purpose and practical. You can’t even imagine how much turnover you will generate by installing such commercial refrigeration appliances. Likewise, large supermarkets and even wholesalers keep many thousands of pound’s worth of food cooled by having chest freezers installed in their premises. You just can’t underrate how important commercial refrigeration equipment’s are to some people, especially retailers and super mart owners.

chest freezer

No doubt, a chest freezer is hard to beat when it comes to consumption of space as it can store ample amount of food and other products. There are two types of commercial freezers with options to be found in each and every variety – chest freezers and upright freezers. Both versions have their very own merits and demerits and thus require a thorough judgment while choosing the best version of freezer for the unit.

Moreover, it is essential for the commercial kitchens to meet certain health and safety regulations, such as storing food at the exact temperature, in order to keep raw food and prepared foods separately while making sure that there must be no cross contamination. The marketplace is actually filled with a wide selection of chest freezers & Display Freezer with Glass Door. The reason for this kind of differentiation could be attributed to the energy effectiveness rating of such chest freezers together with thriving practical attributes which makes life less difficult for the buyers.

You just need to keep in mind specific space restrictions while buying display chest freezers. Although people go in for a small chest freezer, you would however use a substantial amount of living area. Not only horizontal space, one would also require vertical place for the lid to open properly. Seeing that ideally these freezers are supposed to be kept in a dry area, you ought to contemplate how these freezers will be installed in your capability (what number of doors, turns and curves are with respect to the ultimate location). Once going through this helpful information and facts concerning these freezers I am sure that you need to have 1 for your kitchen and keep the entire bulky frosty food safe and nutritious for long periods.

Ways of Finding the Best Chest Freezer for your Business

Freezers are an important part of food business. The function of the freezer is to maintain a low temperature. The low temperature decreases the probability of spoiling the food products. The low temperature increases the shelf life of the food products. There are several different types of freezers available in the market and it is important to choose the perfect freezer for your business. Cheap chest freezers are used extensively for commercial use. They are very suitable for commercial use.

Chest freezers play an important role in efficiency of the business so it is important chooses the right chest freezer for your business.

Here is a guide for choosing the perfect chest freezer for your business.

First of you need to select a good brand which has a trust worthy reputation. Choosing a good brand is important because only by choose a good brand you can invest your money in the best quality appliances.

Once you have chosen the brand you need to look at the dimensions of the chest freezer. The dimensions are an important factor to look for because it needs to be perfect according to the space that is available to you. The Vestfrost chest freezers are not small appliances and they heavy pretty large footprint so they do need a lot of space. So before you buy the chest freezer you need to measure the space very carefully and the ventilation should be kept in mind as well. The external dimensions will let you know whether you will be able to fit the freezer in the place that is available to you.

chest freezer

The chest freezers are considered very suitable for commercial use because of their gracious capacity. The capacity is very important factor in success of the business. The capacity should be according to needs of your business. The chest freezers will allow you to store food products of different sizes and shapes. The capacity of the freezer should be able to hold food enough for your business. Buying food in large bulks helps you to save a lot of money and chest freezers allow you to store large bulks of food. By choosing the right capacity you will be able save a lot of money.

While you are buying the chest freezer you should make sure that it is equipped with accessories like baskets. The baskets available for the freezer are made up of wire, mostly of stainless steel wires. These baskets help in storing the food items which are of small size. With the help of these baskets it is easy to keep track of the smaller items. Buy cake display cabinets from Koolmax at cost effective price.

Another important feature to look for in the chest freezers are casters. They make it very easy to move the appliances when required. These freezers are of large size and cannot be moved without the help of casters. The internal light of the freezers is optional but it is advisable to have it because the light makes it easier to locate the food products inside the chest freezers.

These freezers are either available with hinged lids or sliding lids. You can choose the freezer which seems suitable to your business.

Use Commercial Display Chest Freezers to Display Your Products

Catering company is a very challenging company. You must sustain top quality in this company as there is a lot of competitors. To be able to keep up with the ever increasing market it is very important keep speed with the other competitors. To be able to be the best in the company one of the important things is to have the best devices at your convenience.

Commercial display chest freezers from Koolmax are one of the most important devices to have to be able to run an effective cafe, resort or an ice lotion shop. These freezers are important for company. They are not only a resource of showing your best products for the clients but also very useful in saving and cold the foods. These freezers are particularly common in ice lotion studios. They are the best way of showing your ice lotion products and entice the clients. They are an outstanding way of providing an outstanding increase to your company.

Commercial Chest freezers

While purchasing a chest freezer it is very important keep the specifications of the company in your mind. These freezers are available in all types of styles and dimensions. You should make sure that you select the freezer that suits completely in your store. It is important that the freezers are able to keep up with the potential of the cafe. If the dimension is small, then it will not be able to provide the foods of a store and if it is larger than the potential of your company then will be a lot of vacant areas which is not eye-catching at all. So it is very important select the right dimension according to the specifications of your company.

These Vestfrost chest freezers have outstanding cold and chilling potential which is why they are perfect for ice lotion studios. They are also very good at showing your range of ice lotions. These freezers allow the clients to perspective all the choices that a store has to offer them and it makes it much easier for them to select the ice lotion of their choice.

Commercial Chest freezers2

The commercial display chest freezer come with cup gates which also helps you to save energy as the entrance is not kept start for extended times and it does not impact the chilling capability of the freezer. It keeps the foods in the best possible condition.

These types of commercial refrigeration do not just come in useful in an ice lotion shop. They are also an important part of dining places and other meals joint parts. They are very useful in maintaining the freezing meals in the best situation. It preserves the high company’s meals for several days. These freezers come in different types like freezers with one or more than one entrance. They are also useful in maintaining the beverages also.

Set Commercial Chest Freezers to Your Shops

Has your store finished with Chest Freezers? If you start a big stores or retail store, this devices must be involved to be placed in your stores also. You need this freezer for maintaining your awesome meals to remain clean. For example, if you offer ice cream, this freezer is required for maintaining it. However, if you want to place these freezers in your stores, there must be some concerns to cope. How should we set up it? Okay, this is an excellent possibility for you to get the details about that. Koolmax Group is the leading seller of the Fridges, Freezer & Display unit. Shop our Commercial Chest Freezers selection to find the right chest freezer for your cafe or business. Fast delivery, wholesale prices and excellent service.

Commercial Chest Freezers

The Commercial Chest Freezers are available in various type of dimension. You may get the big dimension or the little ones. However, before getting certain dimension, it is better for you to see your stores first. Do you have the little or big shops?  If you have the big stores with the huge show and area, it is okay if you want to get this freezer in the big dimension. However, for the little stores, the Vestfrost chest freezer will create the area looks complete. Besides that, it will prevent the other products. If the freezers are preventing the other show, of course it will be a bad cope for your stores show establishing. It is the easy idea to cope. But if you don’t pay interest to this factor, you might create a big error in show establishing.

If your company is in the phrase of cafe, the Commercial Display Chest Freezers are absolutely required. Your awesome meals must be keep well. Of course, the freezers for cafe and the freezers for stores must be different. The distinction is for the high company’s freezers itself. If you should cope with the freezers for your cafe, of course the top quality is for the freezing meals for being kept. Ensure that that the freezers can keep your meals content freezing for several times.

Commercial Chest Freezers

There are two types of Display Chest Freezers for you to select. First of all, the freezer is in the individual entrance only. This type of freezers is finished with the cup content for the gates. Usually, this freezer is for the stores to keep the cool consume. Because the dimension is not so big, so you may place in wherever you want to place. However, it must be for sure that power must be well linked with the freezers.

Secondly, you may get the commercial chest freezers in the dual gates. It is larger than the individual gates. Therefore, you must place it in the excellent place so that this product will not prevent the show of your stores. Okay, those are two types of company chest freezers that you might get for your stores to keep your meals and consume. Now, you should examine the cost of this product. Is that in the costly price? Of course, you should handle your store economical for purchasing this product. Even though it is highly required, but you have to get it in the discounted. In last, we should say that these freezers should be detailed as your stores equipment’s to get.