How to Get Rid of an Awful Smell in Your Fridge


When it comes to buying meat and fish products, there will come a time when your fridge will stir up an awful smell. I have seen people who tried many times to get rid of this horrible smell, but can’t find helpful solutions to do it. Here in this article, we will give you some useful tips how you will be able to eliminate that nasty smell in your glass door fridge that lingers all through your kitchen.

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You can get rid of horrible, rotten meat smell once and for all by following this sure and easy way. This way you will no longer lose your appetite once you open the fridge’s door.


First of all, you need to remove all items contained from your fridge and screen out any expired or spoiled foodstuffs. Discard, if any! You have to get rid of spoiled foods immediately as they have an ecosystem full of microorganisms. Don’t forget to place foods that are safe to eat in a cooler to make sure that these, too won’t get spoiled. You can also add ice if you think they will be out longer.

Carry on by cleaning the shelves and drawers with a solution of soap and water. You can also use natural cleaning products for this as they are proven safe and efficient to use. Also wash the walls and floor of the fridge, even those surfaces which are hard to access.


If you think, the smell still lingers, purchase activated charcoal or freshly ground coffee. When it comes to activated charcoal, it is proven to be scientifically effective in absorbing the bad smell, but it might stain your clean fridge. So if you prefer to use charcoal, you might want to place them before cleaning your under counter fridge so that staining will be eliminated.

You can dump your freshly ground coffee in a large container and spread them. Now put that coffee filled container in the fridge in a central location. Shut the fridge door and leave the coffee for 24 to 48 hours. Afterward, dispose of the ground coffee and restock the food.

Get a box of baking soda from your nearby grocery store. Rip away the top portion of the box and place it as it is in your fridge. You can also pour all the baking soda in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator for at least three days. After three days, you’ll notice that the smell is eliminated.

As we all know that the bad smell will be cleared away for good. For a more mild scent that can exist with the smell of your food (without contaminating the smell of your food, of course!), other alternatives to baking soda would be a lemon, fresh leaves such as eucalyptus and lavender. These scents would give your countertop display fridge a natural and earthy smell.

unplug-when-not-in-useIf for-instance you have to turn off or unplug your refrigerator for a time, you might consider cleaning it first and remove the food. Of course, no one wants to spoil the food inside a dead fridge. So, you must leave it open a bit to make sure that moist will not be trapped inside the refrigerator. Always remember that a clean but warm and closed fridge is more likely to smell bad.

To prevent future bad odors, always make sure you are cleaning your fridge on a regular basis and dispose of expired food. It would be a better option to put foods in airtight containers. In this way, you’ll keep food items fresh for an extended period and if, in case, they spoil the smell won’t be much of a problem. Never clean cold glasses with hot water as an abrupt change in temperature can break the glass. Just allow it to cool to room temperature first and then wash the glasses.

If you use these simple tips, you would not have to worry about a smelly refrigerator anymore. Take out some time to clean your fridge on the regular basis as maintenance and cleanup is necessary to avert problems with this machine.


Glass Door Fridge – Need of your Drinks & Food

Have you ever imagined the convenience when you look into the fridge without opening the door and this seems to be the major reason that why people prefer to buy a glass door display fridge. A cheap upright fridge from koolmax actually enables you to see the food, fruits and vegetables that are stored in it without opening the door and check the contents. This helps you to make proper arrangements for your grocery shopping as well as cooking.

When it comes to the commercial set ups, these glass door fridges seems to be tremendously practical since they can also double up as a display case for food and beverages. No matter you are buying a display fridge for your home or business, there are a wide range of varieties available with varying choices in sizes, designs, dimensions and specifications. Single door, double door, triple door, hinged or sliding door; you need to choose as per your business requirements. The price of these fridges varies depending on the function it provides. Though, it allows an absolute convenience of systematizing your life in the kitchen or in your outlet’s premises and you will definitely feel like it’s a valuable investment.

Moreover, the fact that the door of the fridge is made of glass, it enables easy cleaning. In addition, if you want to alter your kitchen’s decor, you don’t need to buy a new glass door display fridge to match the overall color scheme. Glass door display fridge is currently available in many different colors, you just have to choose the standard color that goes best with any color scheme.

upright freezer, upright display freezer

Glass Door Freezer

When it comes to the glass door freezers, it provides an attractive way to display frozen items and improve the possibility of the customer making a purchase. A glass door freezer is practically essential for any retailer who wishes to offer frozen goods for sale.

There are several different types of upright freezers; you just need to think over, which one is suitable as per your requirements. Nowadays, counter top glass door freezers are perfect for getting people to make impulse purchases. These units are perfect to be placed at checkouts and pay points. The time when people are lined up to pay, they are more prone to make instant purchases. No doubt, it is a proven fact and you have seen big stores using the same tactic to increase sales. By putting a counter top display freezer at POS (point of sale), you are actually improving the chances of a sale being made. You can place high impulse goodies such as ice cream and other treats inside the glass door freezer; you are eventually mounting the possibility of a sale being made.

Glass door freezers typically hold boxed and packed food items. These freezers have a high storage capacity and come with compartments so you can manage each food separately. These display freezers generally have self-closing doors to preserve energy and food items. As these freezers have glass doors, it means the customer can see inside without opening the freezer doors, which ultimately saves you electricity, and averting the possibility of food getting damaged.

Glass Door Fridges and Rising Trends

Glass door fridges are used for storing and preserving the food products that are perishable. They are utilized to store and preserve the food in a way that it is easy to display them for the customer to see while being kept in a very protective environment. The refrigerated environment is very important for increasing the shelf life of the food products.

The glass front refrigerators in UK are an excellent way of displaying the food products. These refrigerators not only provide optimal appliance for not only displaying the food items but also stores them in the best possible way.

The major reason behind rising popularity of the glass door appliances is the increasing competition in the market. The food industry has become very competitive and it is important to be aware of the latest trends that are very important. The manufacturers are always looking for the versatile methods and new appliances which will make them stand out among many other food and beverage businesses.

Commercial Glass Door Fridges

The glass door display freezer not only provides a clear view of the displayed food products or beverages but it is very energy efficient. The glass door allows you to see and food product without opening the door of the appliances. You can make the fridges much more energy efficient if the door opening is reduced considerably. The glass door allows you to display the frozen products without disturbing the temperature of the refrigerator. It is very important to maintain the storage temperature. If the temperature fluctuates a lot then the compressor will have to much harder in order to maintain the temperature. The harder the compressor has to work the greater will be the energy consumption. The glass door fridges have the LED lights which are an excellent feature because they illuminate the interior of the refrigerator. The LED lights attract much more attention of the customers and the sales can really be enhanced by using Husky fridges.

glass door fridge

The factor which is playing the major factor in increase of the glass door refrigeration industry is the increasing role of the retail store in the economies that are developing. The industry is growing a lot. In 2014 the market was valued at the $6.5 US and by the end of 2023 the market’s value is expected to be $13. US. In the past the glass door refrigeration was often associated with high prices. They were considered very expensive and that is why they were not used as commonly as they are used now. As there was progress in technology the glass door appliances industry also improved a lot. There is a lot of awareness about the advantages that can be achieved by using these refrigeration appliances and that awareness has led to increased market value of these refrigerators.

The glass door refrigerators are equipped with all the different features like the digital temperature display, castors, magnetic door gaskets, casters, adjustable shelving for upright appliances, and wire baskets for horizontal refrigerators. These features make it even better and more efficient.

The glass door refrigerators are available in several different sizes and shapes.

Commercial Usage of Catering Fridges

Some individuals contact Catering Fridges as the commercial refrigerator. Working with operate, they might be considered as the same factor. However, for the style and requirements, there are some primary components, which are different.  Therefore, you should respect this as the different devices also. Working with this issue, of course you need to buy catering fridges from Koolmax for your cafe. However, you evening not comprehend about the choice because there is not any concept in your thoughts about this devices requirements. Okay, we will discuss that in details.

Commercial Catering Fridges

The Catering Fridges are available in some kinds and dimensions. If you should cope with the kind, you will discover some several choices. The catering equipment’s with double heat range are highly suggested. This devices has the larger dimension than others do. If you have, big dining places with various kind of choice too cook; of course, you have to get some kinds of meals to keep. These fridges are suggested for you because it is larger dimension.

If you are working with the buying job, the Catering Fridges requirements must be well believed. Besides that, the assurance must be got also. After using several decades, it is regular if the fridges have some issues in some components. It indicates that you need to substitute some components into the new ones. However, if you only use it for a few several weeks, then the fridges are in issues, of course, you must provide the devices returning to the stores. You should take assurance because of this.

Commercial Catering Fridges

There are some racks within the Catering Display Fridges. The racks must be flexible. When you have to keep meals in the huge containers, of course the racks will be the big issue. The containers cannot be introduced within. That is why; it is better for you to select fridges that are finished with flexible racks. After you, take the containers outside from the fridges, you many set up the racks returning. That must be a more complicated job to do. However, you should cope with that.

When you have to cope with the method responsibility of Catering Fridges, selecting the Blizzard Fridge with individual freezers is enough. You may select the freezers that are set up in the up part of the fridges. Under the freezers, you can still have more area. However, this is for the method responsibility only. For the big freezing meals, this is not an excellent suggestions for you. There is not any area for that. Therefore, it is better for you to take the larger ones.

Well, those are some suggestions of Commercial Catering Fridges. You might select the best ones. However, there is something essential for you to cope also. This kind of refrigerator is not the inexpensive devices to get. Therefore, you must select it well after assigning the cost range. In last, you just have to carry this product to your cafe. Your freezing meals must be well kept. Later, you may get details for the cost. It is around $400 for individual entrance only. For more detail about the Commercial Refrigeration Visit the Koolmax Website.

Glass Fronted Fridges – Essential Part of Your Shops

Do you think that Commercial Glass Door Fridges are required to your shop? If you are developing a display establishing for your own stores, of course you must cope with this type of program. Even though it is not the only program, but this product must be well handled also. Therefore, you will get the best display establishing to demonstrate what you offer to your clients. However, before arriving to that issue, of course you should select the glass fronted fridge. How should we cope with the selection? Here, there are places of tips for you if you want to get the best fridges for your stores. So, just remain here and get the details below.

The Glass Door Commercial Fridges are created of glass door in the top side aspect. When you are in the stores to buy this product, you might think that all glass great quality is excellent. Actually, there are several kinds of glass, which the manufacturer uses to make these fridges.  Therefore, you must select it well. The excellent glass door content is usually in the costly cost. So, you must create sure that the cost of the fridges is affordable. Great range of Commercial Glass Door Fridges is available at Koolmax Group. We offering the discount price all Fridges and Refrigeration. We also offer the free Delivery within UK. Buy now & Save.

Commercial Glass Door Fridges

The ScanCool Commercial Glass Door Fridges from are available in several kinds. The dimension the fridges must be well regarded also. Please keep in mind that these fridges will be set up within your stores. Of course, you should set the area within the stores first before getting this program. Therefore, we should recommend you that before getting fridges dimension, create sure about the 100 % free area in your stores. Is that huge enough? If you have the huge 100 % free area, you may select the huge ones.

The gates are created with the stainless-steel content. Usually, the width of the stainless-steel is excellent enough. The manufacturer has approximated the width well. However, for some items, the fridges will be marketed in the bad great quality. It is not for the bad content only. However, the stainless-steel is not excellent enough for protecting the glass. That is why; we have to notify you that before you get this type of fridges, create sure that the stainless-steel is excellent enough.

Commercial Glass Door Fridges

Now, you should know the cost evaluation of single door drinks fridge.  For single fridges with double gates, you might invest around $900. It relies on the glass content and the stainless-steel content. So, create sure that this cost is affordable for your stores finances. If your stores are big enough, purchasing this in the great cost will not be issue. However, for the recently start stores, this product can be the complicated factor to get. You must pay interest in that factor also. Therefore, before purchasing this refrigerator for your stores, you must examine your stores fund first. In last, you just have to cope with the program. Ensure that that the Commercial Triple Glass Door Fridges is set up well to the stores. Then, you can put some beverages within. Your clients can get the cool consume from the fridges.