Upright Freezer Commercial and Chest Freezer: Benefits & Attributes

Upright Freezers


An upright display freezer means ‘a machine, which can be particularly useful for displaying foodstuffs to the audience, whether it’s a retail store, supermarket, convenience store or maybe a restaurant or cafeteria. As the meals can be displayed inside a freezer having a glass door, it truly is typically shielded from viewers in order to avoid any form of physical hitting the ground with the food to help keep it hygienic.

Besides, available space is definitely a primary concern when attempting to put in order design of a shop or even a café, along with a Slimline version often supplies a striking, alluring and lastly a practical display option. These upright freezers are fantastic for any place that draws the eye  of customers. This display refrigerator can be an advantage that an everyday buyer is going to be grateful for.

Certainly, a fashionable upright display freezer is usually a last minute purchase possibility that almost any store can install to raise product sales. Although in the event, you  are using a small store, then you certainly might need to go with mini display fridge. There are several manufacturers that provide a variety of upright freezers that eventually helps with enhancing your product display through providing extra visibility and adding some style simultaneously. No matter what you wish to display; whether it’s fresh meat, sandwiches, along with other convenience foods, upright display freezers include the perfect choice to opt for! Then, what exactly are you looking forward to? Choose the one who best compliments your small business design and layout!

Chest Freezers


A chest freezer is probably the most convenient products you can find today and it may even save some costs in the long-run. Chest freezer gives you ample space to adopt advantage of storing bulks of meat, to freeze seasonal berries and jams, with the daily perishable items and produce ahead meals.

Chest freezers offer many perks to the user about price, storage capacity as well as. The chest freezer uk is easily the most economical freezer you can find today. In essence, every inch from the chest freezer is usable-storage. There are certain chest freezers available for purchase that consist of automatic-defrost or frost-free options. The ones with manual defrost option takes almost per day to accomplish the project.

These chest freezers have built-in sidewall insulation to hold on to their cold temperatures well for a longer time period and therefore use least-energy to operate. Most importantly, should you be facing power outages or maybe you are moving to a different house, an unplugged chest freezer will keep the products cold for up to 3 days, provided that the lid is closed.

In contrast to your automatic chest freezers, manual ones generally have longer life cycles than upright units.

When it comes to your convenience of Interlevin freezers, they are offered with a minimum of one wore-basket as a way to organize the information perfectly. With the help of cardboard boxes, it is possible to separate out several types of food contents. Though, chest freezers have to have a lot of bending and moving frozen foods to get towards the required item. But you don’t need to be concerned at all! There are various chest freezer models you can purchase that comes using a bottom drawer, that’s accessible from outside in the freezer. But provided that it adds some convenience to some chest freezer, it will reduce some capacity.

The Importance Of An Upright Freezer & Choosing The Right One!

Do you run a food-related or catering business? Then, you might completely realize the importance of cheap commercial upright freezers. An upright display freezer is an important part of the set up of any cafe or restaurant and help retailers to display their products to attract the potential buyers in a tempting way. In addition to being great to look at, a display freezer offers great storage solutions for retailers and shop owners.

When you are in a food business, you need to pay proper attention to their equipment choices, as the health and safety of customers and employees alike depends on it. Here, in this article you’ll get to know why the correct upright freezer is so important for your business and what are the important points to consider before finalizing the purchase. The food products that are served in restaurants, cafes, bake shops or catered at events should be prepared and presented with good care. As if the served food is contaminated, any caterer and restaurant owner becomes insolvent in a matter of hours. Food preparation and presentation are essential aspects that can either make or break a business if not followed according to the safety standards of the food industry. Every caterer or restaurant owner should know that keeping the quality of their dishes, baked goods, and other cooked food products is very essential for their business’ reputation.

upright freezer

To keep ingredients fresh and within the allowable date of consumption is vital to meet the demands of customers and the set standards. Here, it is important for a caterer, restaurant, and other food store to invest in proper equipment in order to meet the strict demands of all parties. Commercial upright freezers are among those items that should be available in the kitchen all the time. Though, these items might be expensive and difficult to purchase if money is the main problem. You will probably find various sellers of fridges, freezers and other catering equipment in UK. Try to find the suppliers with the best deals or offers that won’t hurt your wallet. Some people in the food business are deterred from investing in them, since large kitchen appliances are quite pricey. If you are one those buyers, it is essential to note that you can find a seller, whether online or offline, that might help you spend on such equipment’s.

Commercial upright fridges are also a good option if you have insufficient money or you can purchase via installment plan. When the business is just starting to pick up, it’s hard to let go of funds easily for some caterers and restaurant owners. As with their new startups they need funds on a regular basis, so that might be a major reason for the delays in acquiring proper refrigeration and other kitchen appliance. Conversely, non-commercial refrigerators and freezers might only work for several months as they are not manufactured for high-demand kitchens. And if you are planning to repair such equipment’s, it can be costly too, hurting your wallet even more.

Upright Display Freezers – How To Find The Best

Are you looking to create a perfect display for your retail outlet, convenience store or supermarket in order to entice customers and impulse sales? Then, you don’t need to worry at all! An upright display freezer is the perfect option to go for, no matter which product you are serving.

An upright freezer in UK is defined as ‘a piece of equipment, which is particularly used for displaying food items to potential buyers, whether it’s in a retail store, supermarket, convenience store or a restaurant or cafeteria. As the food items can be displayed in a freezer with a glass door, it is typically shielded from viewers to avoid any form of physical contact with the food to keep it hygienic.

You might have seen upright display refrigerators and freezers in the local food store or in restaurants. With the display refrigerator and freezer, buyers can easily see the available food and drink items without opening the doors.

Commercial Glass Door Freezer

However, an upright display freezer is actually a more complicated piece of equipment that most of us think. Indeed, it is far more than other display cabinets available in the market. An upright freezer allows coffee shops, convenience stores, delicatessens and other businesses keep food and drinks at the optimum temperature to carry off the odds of food poisoning which might result due to the improper storage.

Moreover, while making up a decision to buy an upright display freezer, always try to search out what are the latest trends these days including color, design and product specs. If you want to create a tempting look of your outlet, then you might go for upright display freezers as it will enhance the overall aesthetic value of your premises.

glass door fridge

Like the other substantial piece of equipment’s, upright display freezer will also be available in a range of sizes and specifications, and one need to think about just how it will be expected to “slot in” with other, existing items. Besides, available space is always a primary concern when trying to put in order the layout of a shop or a café, and a Slimline version often provides a striking, alluring and of course a practical display option. These upright freezers are ideal for any place that draws the attention  of customers. This display refrigerator is an advantage that your everyday buyers will be grateful for.

Certainly, a stylish display freezer with glass door is a last minute purchase possibility that just about any store can install to increase product sales. Although, if you  are having a small store, then you might need to go for mini display fridge. There are several manufacturers that offer a variety of upright freezers that eventually helps in enhancing your product display by giving extra visibility and adding an element of style simultaneously. No matter what you want to display; whether it’s fresh meat, sandwiches, and other convenience foods, upright display freezers are the perfect choice to go for! Then, what are you waiting for? Choose the one that best compliments your business design and layout from Koolmax!

Upright Freezers, Doing A Stand Up Job

Usually, it is not easy to gain the reputation of a champion, but during the past few years, the upright freezers have become a champion of many disaster areas. Yes, it is true, for this you should see how upright display cooler are becoming a champion in the disaster area for the victims, where we see the freezers are doing a stand up job.

After six months of a destructive earthquake struck Haiti, most of the governments have promised to help the affected country financially, so that people could rebuild their homes. But, these funds were not delivered, which is really a shameful situation, but one of the unknown donor sends upright freezers to the hospitals for storing blood supplies, medicines like antibiotics. These cheap upright freezers were considered to be the most important thing at that time. One of the head of the hospitals said that without these upright freezers, there would be probability of more deaths. These upright freezers are doing a great job in preserving all the medical supplies from being useless, because these things should be kept frozen.

glass door fridge

That’s only one example, so how this incident does relate to your story and why you think you want an Upright Freezer? There are many advantages of the upright freezer. Usually a small upright fridge & freezer is a very handy appliance, which you have in your home, especially if your family is big and you have to do a lot of cooking, you should definitely need this freezer at your home. You can store meats, vegetables, ice-creams, fruits, in short we can say this ideal appliance because a refrigerator may not have sufficient space and it is not considered to be ideal when you want to store food items for a longer time period.

The structure of the freezer permits you to put your meats separate from your vegetables and units of temperature control would help you in maintaining your frozen goods without burning of a freezer. This is really important for meats. Normally meat is a costly item for purchasing until and unless you raise your own. People, who raise their own beef, usually have a meat locker for storing their bigger cuts of meats, but in their homes, and in farms they have an upright freezer.

upright freezer, upright display freezer

People usually buy these compact kitchen appliances only to save some space in their kitchen. Mostly people sue it often, after they buy the one, because a commercial chest freezer in UK is not designed to use so frequently just like a fridge. Normally these appliances are about two to twenty cubic feet; due to accessible shelves it becomes easy for you to store all food items neatly and orderly.

There are also smaller units available, specially designed for apartment or small sized kitchens. As this freezer is available at very low price we can say it is a life saver for those people who are working with restricted space and funds. You can also buy a medium size refrigerator unit and then your freezer would be a smaller unit. This could work out well for single people and small families.

How To Defrost Your Upright Freezer Quickly?

If you are looking for detailed information regarding how to defrost your upright freezer quickly, then you have come to the right place! Here in this article, we will discuss how you can quickly defrost an upright display freezer in UK. Probably, when you finish reading through, you can have a better understanding of how you do it promptly. Auto defrost options will definitely be a life-saver, especially when you are operating in a commercial environment.

The actual time to defrost your upright freezer is when ice deposits have got piled up. No doubt, this is fairly an easy process that pretty much anyone can do. When you defrost a freezer it means you are actually getting rid of that frost build up. This is particularly significant when you have small freezers because the frost will actually come in from the sides and leave you with an even smaller space than before.

It’s a fact that when you have small fridge or freezer, you need all the room you can get with it. In order to defrost a small fridge, the first step is to set up your mini appliance and always make sure that this should be done at least a few days before the actual defrosting process. Just take out all the food and beverages until it is empty. Turn the temperature down to 0 or just turn it off, whatever you prefer. The best way is to totally unplug it so there is no need to worry about electrocution.

upright freezer, upright display freezer

When you completely turn off the freezer, it will eventually help to instantly drop the inside temperature as the lights will not be on creating heat. Just keep the door wide open, because the air circulating through will help the frost build up to melt the ice faster. Moreover, this speeds up the drying process too. Try to use the paper towel or some cloths on hand to soak up the rest with. There will be more or less of a mess for you to tidy up, depending on how badly your fridge was frosted up.

When you are done with the defrosting, just give your upright display freezer with glass door a good cleaning. In fact, this is the best time to do it, to clean up the rest of the water and ensure there is no mold growth or dirt anywhere. Try to use a nontoxic cleaning substance and a rag to wipe around the insides. After cleaning, you can turn the fridge on and turn the temperature back up.

Allow a few hours to the fridge in order to get back to its original temperature and once you feel inside, and it is cool you can start putting food and drinks back inside.

Certainly, when it comes to defrosting, it is a quick and easy process and one that makes all the difference in the world. After defrosting, your Husky freezer will work better now and you don’t need to do it again for at least another few months.

Why Should You Choose Upright Display Freezers?

Opening a business requires a lot of work. The hardest part to choose all the right equipment because the efficiency of your business depends a lot on your tools so you cannot take the importance of the tools for granted. Food business is no different. The refrigeration equipment for the food business is the most important thing. There is a vast variety of these appliances so you have to be smart.

Displaying units have become a necessary part of the food business. You will not be able to find any catering business that does not make use of the displaying units. One such unit is the Commercial Upright Freezer. Upright display freezers are the vital part of food business as they not only store food but also increase the shelf life of the food items.

Installing these freezers as compared to other types of commercial freezers has its benefits. It is perfect for small and local business. If you do not have to store very large bulks of food, then these are the perfect freezers for you. They can store the dairy products as well as small amounts of food so you do not need to waste your investment on larger freezers. The running cost of the freezers is high and if you are running small business then it will not be affordable for you so it better to make the smarter choice and go for these Framec freezers. Their running cost as well as the initial cost is much lower and they will do the job.

upright freezer, upright display freezer

There are different models of these freezers available in the market like the frost free and the manual defrosts models. Both have different uses and are useful for different purposes. You can buy the one that suits the nature of your business. The capacity or the range of these freezers is from 2 cubic feet to 20 cubic feet.

Another big positive of these freezers is that they do not take up a lot of space. They are tall but narrow so they can be fitted into small places. They take less floor space than other freezer like the chest freezers and other commercial freezers. This can be really good for those business owners who do not happen to have the liberty of having very large spaces. Choosing these commercial freezers can make your place still look spacious and nice. It will not make the interior look congested. It can be placed right beside the front door so that the food items can be displayed and all the customers will be able to see them while they enter your place.

These freezers can be used to store different kinds of food items like milk, cheese, butter. It can also be used to store fish meat etc.