Professional Ways To Present Beverages Before Customers

Do you have a bar and looking for the most professional ways to manage and chill your beverages? No worries! Here are some of the best refrigerators that proficient bars do posses. These chillers help businesses in providing quality services to its customers that made these equipments extremely eminent in pubs, bars and restaurants. Actually, those retailers who want to deliver quality services in the catering business desire these appliances.

Back Bar Coolers


The appliances like bar coolers have the ability to maintain a very cold temperature within them. These chillers are typically utilized when drinks need to be chilled quickly, because of the fact they bring the temperature down rather easily. Back bar coolers are important in maintaining wines, beers along with other beverages at the premium temperature. When customers will see at a bar or restaurant on a hot day, they want a thing that will give them a cooling effect. That is why, getting these bottles within the premise of a business enterprise is very imperative. Customers who will see at your company and you serve them with drinks whose temperature is not attractive might not come again.

Often, under counter wine cooler is used for specialty tasks in some commercial kitchens. There are a lot of freezer manufacturers that create these bar coolers along with the custom modifications for distinct applications. These chillers actually crystallize the water inside them to freeze food. The size of the ice crystals that are formed depends on the warmth with the temperature at which the freezing takes place. Critical rapid freezing is endorsed in these freezers due to the very cold temperature on account of which the meek ice crystals are formed.

Beer Fridges



If you are passionate about beers, then you need to store them correctly. Due to certain chemical reactions, all beers will eventually go off, as it is accelerated by storing it at the wrong temperature and the bad humidity. In such case, beer fridge works out great. This fridge has got the ability to store your drinks and accurate temperature and humidity until you are ready to enjoy it. These fridges are quite essential, especially when you want to store your alcoholic beverages to consume at a later date. Beer fridges and counter top fridges contain a small number of bottles, and you can place it anywhere in the bar. These beer fridges are purposely designed to help you to store your beer correctly and imitate the conditions of a cold, damp cellar.

Bottle Cooler



Bottle cooler allows you to get perfectly chilled wine within just few minutes. Certainly, there comes a time when you are not in a situation to store your wines in a cool spot and essentially need it to be cooled really fast. Therefore, this is the time when bottle cooler really works! In essence, you put your wine bottle within the cooler and then press some buttons and instantly get a chilled wine bottle. Moreover, commercial back bar coolers come with a fitted digital thermometer, which enables you to monitor the temperature of your drinks and beverages all the time.

Benefits Of A Dual Zone Wine Cooler

As a matter of fact, wine collection is a hobby that costs quite a bit of money, particularly if you are such a fanatic that you have hundreds of bottles in your home at a time. You don’t only have to pay for the wine, but you also have to pay for some sort of storage for the wine in your collection. Wine storage options include an a cooler, individual wine chiller, a refrigerator, a thermo-electric cooler or a dual cooler. When it comes to a dual zone cooler, it can help you store both red and white wines at their optimal temperatures without affecting either type of the wine being stored.

Wine bottle chiller comes with two separated compartments. Each of the two compartments has its own thermostat, enabling the owner to set the temperature for each individual compartment based on the type of wine being stored. A dual zone wine cooler is an ideal appliance for someone who wants to host many dinner parties that feature wine with the food being served. Can you imagine how classy move it is to pull out both a red and white wine from your dual zone wine cooler and offer a glass of either wine to a guest.

wine bottle cooler

If you want to buy a dual zone wine cooler, you have to spend anywhere from $300-$1,500 for one cooler, with the average money spent coming in right around $800. The price varies as per the size of the dual zone cooler, and the company from which you purchase the cooler. Moreover, if you have limited space in your home, a 12 bottle dual zone wine cooler will be best for your home. A 12 bottle wine cooler with dual zones can be placed on your dining room buffet server, your kitchen counter, your dining room buffet server, a table in the living room or any other room in your home since it is so small.

When it comes to buying a dual zone wine cooler, make sure you perform research into each cooler you are interested in before finalizing a purchase. One critical feature to look for in a tefcold wine cooler is a locking door. A wine cooler with a locking door is ideal for wine enthusiasts who have kids living in the house with them. With the help of locked cooler, you will keep your kids away from your wine collection, no matter their age, keeping them safe from the alcohol. One more feature to look for when buying a dual zone wine cooler is one that looks like a piece of furniture. There are dual zone wine coolers that give the impression of chests from a dining room set, adding to your furniture collection in your home. Then, on the other side of things, there are dual zone wine coolers that look like refrigerators with glass doors. These wine coolers have the ability to hold about 60 bottles on each side, can be locked, and will cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 per wine cooler.

Beer Fridge & Wine Cooler – That’s What You Need For Your Bar

If you are passionate about beers, then you need to store them correctly. Due to certain chemical reactions, all beers will eventually go off, as it is accelerated by storing it at the wrong temperature and the wrong humidity. In such case, small beer fridges works out great.

Certainly, beer fridges are quite essential, especially when you want to store your alcoholic beverages to consume at a later date. These beer fridges are purposely designed to help you to store your beer correctly and imitate the conditions of a cool damp cellar.

beer fridge

There are several people asking “can’t I just store my beer in a domestic fridge?” the answer is “No & never” as your regular fridge has three main problems with it. First one is that, it is too cool to store your beer for at least a week, meaning that it will go off quickly and you can’t consume it then. Second thing is its humidity is inappropriate as it changes considerably depending on what is in your fridge and how you are going to use it. Actually, this is not such a problem for screw-top beers. And lastly, as you store many other items with strong smells and flavors, which eventually might contaminate your beverage.  For these reasons, beer fridges have become extremely popular over the last couple of years. These beer fridges & back bar coolers do have the advantage that they don’t have flavored and smelling foods stored in them, though they don’t typically come with racks inside them to ensure that wines and beers can accurately be stored at premium conditions.

Wine Cooler

When it comes to the wine cooler, here are some good reasons why you want to own one. With the wine bottle cooler, you will surely get the wine in just 5 minutes. At times, you aren’t being able to keep your alcoholic beverages in a cool area, and you must get it chilled instantly. Now this is the time when you badly need an instant commercial wine coolers. If you want wine bottle chiller for your home; just get your wine, stick it in and press a couple of buttons and there you go; you will have a perfectly chilled bottle of wine.

wine cooler

Wine coolers are tremendously useful in situations where the wine you intend to serve is not stored in a cool place. The instant wine cooler helps reduce the serving temperature of wine and brings it to a more pleasing and enjoyable drinking temperature.

Wine cooler works as an instant chiller for your alcoholic beverages. To place your wine bottles in the fridge, or freezer is an awful idea because different kinds of wine beverages need to be at specific temperatures in order to retain its rich flavor. In addition, putting them in the fridge or freezer may only create trouble for you. If you put it in freezer, the bottle cork is going to become cold, and probably break off as you try to take it out. Or, the bottle might crack while you try to pull it out too. Because of these two problems, your night might get ruined.